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The latest Music Radio Crossover has been released by AirCheck for Perth & Adelaide: https://radioinfo.com.au/news/aircheck-looks-crossover-tracks-adelaide-and-perth

Key Points

  • Mix 94.5 & 96fm has a crossover of nearly 40%, with the former playing far more unique tracks than the latter.

  • hit92.9 & Nova 93.7 has a crossover of over 40%, with the former playing far more unique tracks than the latter.

  • In Adelaide, hit107 & Nova 91.9 has a crossover of nearly 25%, whilst the crossover between Mix 102.3 & 5MMM is only 13.6%.


Spectrum planning

Let’s begin the list here and provide alternatives.


AM stereo got a mention on WSFM this morning!

It was as part of a mini countdown of songs from 1985, as they mentioned that was the year that AM stereo was launched, followed by the comment “that was big!” with a laugh :grinning:


Strangely low modulation levels on 105.7 SBS Radio Hobart. SBS is averaging 30% deviation, while other stations are averaging close to 100% (percentage of 75khz). The same with Triple J (although not as bad). The Triple J video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qje5jfzEkHU


Strangely low modulation levels on 105.7 SBS Radio Hobart. SBS is averaging 30% deviation, while other stations are averaging close to 100% (percentage of 75khz). The same with Triple J (although not as bad). Triple J video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qje5jfzEkHU

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Radio Data System (RDS)

The latest AirCheck music radio crossovers for Brisbane & Gold Coast has been released:

In Brisbane, hit105 & Nova has a crossover of close to 38%, with the former playing far more unique tracks than the latter, likewise for between hit105 & 97.3, with both stations sharing more than 1/5 of its playlists. 4KQ, being on AM, is the most different of the commercial music stations, which when paired with 4MMM, plays far more unique tracks, and has a crossover of only 9.3%.

In the Gold Coast, Hot Tomato shares around a 1/4 of its playlist with both Gold FM & Sea FM, with the former playing more unique tracks than the local SCA stations.


I’m not surprised about KQ. They’re the only mainstream commercial station in Brisbane I can stomach :).


Went on eBay and actually found The Love Junkie 4! Here’s the logos:

Another CD fact, Sea/Hot/Star FM also promoted the 80 from the 80s CD.


Agree with the 25% Aussie quota, but not the new music quota. This is effectively dictating formats, FM stations like WS and Gold104.3 and metro AM music stations would be the hardest hit.


I suspect that bit is poorly written and is actually intended to push CHR/pop stations to playing newer Australian tracks rather than flogging the same 30 or so songs late at night.

That 6am-6pm bit is what excites me most, and in all honesty commercial radio have only themselves to blame for this becoming a conversation about regulation


According to the draft FYSO for 2019-23 released yesterday, the consultation for the potential to re-plan the Perth FM broadcast band is set to occur in the 2nd half of 2019-20 (ie. January-June 2020).

Also, in Q4 2018-19 (April-June 2019), ACMA will publish for consultation an issues paper on future delivery of radio services in Australia. More details on page 46 of the above aforementioned document.


9 Life has a show airing ‘House Hunters International’.

The couple are looking for a home in Perth. They’ve both returned to Perth after working in radio in Iceland.

The female looks like she might be a journo, the bloke seems more IT/engineering. I didn’t catch their names, who are they?


It looks like a lot of those episodes are up on 9now.com.au, perhaps you might be able to find out there?



Three years after their engagement led them to live in relaxed Exmouth, Australia, Sinead and Paul are packing their bags to move into a settled future in her hometown of Perth.

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I always enjoy radio when:

  • Alan Jones takes a call from Stephanie. I can always visualise Stephanie shouting from a balcony in Munich
  • Triple M plays a song. It takes me back to the early 90s
  • WSFM has an hour when they don’t play “Summer of 69”
  • I listen to Richard Wilkins’ recorded show on smooth. There is a something about seniors trying to put on a sexy voice that I find engaging.
  • I tune into the 2DayFM breakfast show and I try to guess who is hosting the shift that day
  • Ray Hadley is going after an alleged sex offender on air and providing the details of how a person’s life has been destroyed. I know that he is bullying his staff behind the scenes and destroying their lives and this makes his diatribe so gloriously ironic

And when 2SM goes to an ad break that features at least three station-voiced commercials. Two of which are Laws.


A couple of questions re the Darling Downs commercial radio market:

  • Why isn’t there a 4GR (Triple M) repeater in Warwick?
  • When did Stanthorpe join the licence area? I assume they had Rebel (Sun FM) first and the others followed once the licence area was extended to the town. When I first visited in 1998, Stanthorpe had no native commercial radio- the best option was a scratchy 2TEN on 89.7.
  • Why isn’t 4AK repeated into anywhere else other than Stanthorpe?

All of these anomalies stem from the fact that three separate heritage stations were amalgamated into one licence area.

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I agree it’s odd that 4WK gets THREE repeaters but 4GR and 4AK only get one.

I would have thought night fade into Warwick would be an issue for 4GR and 4AK.


4GR (Triple M) isn’t too bad but yes 4AK does suffer from a bit of night fade in Warwick & if I had to make a comment on the signal strength of the stations i’d say it’s around the same as Sydney Am west of Penrith but yes 4GR’s & 4AK’s signal in Warwick would be on par with 4WK’s AM signal in Toowoomba & that has a licenced translator