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It does get discussed. Fitzy and Wippa discussed the allegations and the doco this morning. Wippa was a big fan and is torn.

They also mentioned his music being taken off the air on radio stations in New Zealand and Canada.


The whole Michael Jackson issue is not black and white. If we really want to heal the world we need to look at the man in the mirror. Remember the time that people said Michael had done wrong and that he was a smooth criminal? Well he was with Dirty Diana the whole time. We all know that Michael was bad and maybe Liberian Girl was under the age of fourteen. It’s human nature to want to ban his music and you are not alone if you support Nova in not playing his songs. Mind you - I always thought his song PYT was an admission of guilt.



You need a hobby.


JBar - you wanna be starting something?


The translators for Snow Fm would have been licenced because 2XL had them originally licenced. I do agree 2XL needs them more for their AM service which is quite weak by Jindabyne and suffers badly from night time skip.

In Jindabyne 94.7 is needed for Snow Fm as the 97.7 signal is quite distorted in Jindabyne town centre as you are aware.
In Perisher Valley 97.7 is fine, and 94.7 is quite good to around Bullocks Flats, and yes 97.7 is also quite good to Thredbo too.

In regards to 105.9 and 107.5, they were completely off air when I was in Jindy in Aug 2018. Hopefully they will get them back on air as Brown Mountain reception is not the best in Jindabyne.


You’re Dangerous.


No. He’s a lover not a fighter


Thriller now playing on SWR.


I hear a song with a lot of swearing on a community radio station on Friday night, I was not offended, but are there rules? Or basically only when someone complains the authorities acts on this?

People who are a bit cynical that JJJ has different standards from the others. I don’t listen to JJJ much so I don’t know.


Triple J usually have a “language warning” before any song with offensive content.


The idea of a straight asset swap, in which Lachlan Murdoch’s Illyria personal holding company would transfer its interests in the Nova FM radio stations to Nine, in exchange for Nine’s ownership of AM radio stations such as Jones and Hadley’s 2GB in Sydney and Mitchell’s 3AW in Melbourne, is being openly talked about in media industry circles.


They are to abide by a code and legislation, the commercial sector has similar.


If that event occurs, Adelaide’s 5AA would join the 2GB, 3AW, 4BC and 6PR “Fairfax” Radio Network.


The 2019 showbag list for the Royal Easter Show has been released - no Triple M showbag (that I can see) but there are KIIS FM and WSFM showbags.

WSFM 101.7 Jonesy & Amanda’s JAM BAG - $25
What’s included:

  • 1x WSFM 101.7 Duffle Bag $29.95
  • 1x WSFM 101.7 Truckers Cap $19.95
  • 1x iHeart RADIO On-Ear Headphones $19.95 (not WSFM branded like last time)
  • 1x WSFM 101.7 Stainless Steel Drink Bottle $14.95
  • 1x WSFM 101.7 Guitar Keyring Bottle Opener $6.95
  • 1x WSFM 101.7 Pen $2.95
  • 1x Ocean Spray® Craisins® Dried Cranberries $4.00
  • 1x King of Shaves Sensitve Shave Gel 15ml $4.00
  • 1x White Glo Traveller’s Pack $2.99
  • 1x Nutri Grain To Go $3.00
  • 1x Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy $0.50
  • 1x Skin Doctors Supermoist $0.50
  • 1x Skin Doctors Eyetuck $0.50
  • 1x Skin Doctors Relaxaderm $0.50
  • 1x Lindt Fruit Sensation Raspberry & Cranberry $6.00
  • 1x Lindt Fruit Sensation Orange & Pink Grapefruit $6.00
  • 1x Sunbeam Snack Shots $2.09
  • 1x Designer Brands Black Kohl Pencil with Sharpener $7.99
  • 1x Asian Inspirations Red Sampling Pouch $3.00
    Total Retail Value: $135.77

Kyle And Jackie O’s World Famous Showbag - $30
What’s included:

  • 1x Choice of Jackie O Mini Hair Straightener or Kyle Aussie Bum Limited Edition Undies $24.95 (EWWWWWWW - hopefully Kyle isn’t going to model the undies) :face_vomiting:
  • 1x KIIS 106.5 Truckers Cap $19.95
  • 1x KIIS 106.5 Bluetooth Mini Speaker $14.95
  • 1x KIIS 106.5 Drawstring Bag $12.95
  • 1x KIIS 106.5 Reusable Coffee Cup $9.95
  • 1x KIIS 106.5 Water Fan $9.95
  • 1x KIIS 106.5 Lip Balm $4.95
  • 1x Designer Brands Black Kohl Pencil with Sharpener $7.99
  • 1x White Glo Charcol Toothpaste 24g $2.95
  • 1x H2coco Coconut Water Cocoespresso $2.95
  • 1x Fibre One Milk Chocolate Popcorn bar $1.10
  • 1x Fibre One Peanut Butter Popcorn Bar $1.10
  • 1x Skin Doctors Potent Vitamin A Ampoule $0.50
  • 1x Skin Doctors Potent Vitamin C Ampoule $0.50
  • 1x Kit Kat 45g $2.00
  • 1x Chargrill Charlie’s $10 Voucher $10.00
    Total Retail Value: $126.74

Where’s the portable FM radios? Where’s the DAB radios? i know they’re expensive but last year’s WSFM bag had a Bluetooth speaker with FM radio.


No WSFM blazers either? Slackers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But in all seriousness, while I’m aware that ARN are the main radio sponsors of the Sydney Royal Easter Show it is rather interesting how Triple M (or 2DayFM for that matter, I’m sure they used to have them years ago) aren’t doing showbags. With the ratings as they were during the year’s first survey, Triple M Sydney need to get some branded merchandise into the hands of punters!


You’re right - but they’re not the only radio partners:


KIIS and WSFM are Champion sponsors
The Edge(!!!) are Blue Ribbon sponsors
2GB and 2ME are Red Ribbon sponsors - and only 2ME does a OB from the Show.


Yes! They were at a Kings game and handed out clappers and keyrings, but gave hats to some punters! I should’ve asked for a hat! :rofl: I got a Triple M Newcastle hat at the Knights launch…


Idiots, no vision. Where are the digital radios indeed. Typical of the whole industry who have done bugger all to increase uptake of digital radio.


The Brisbane analog variation due for this quarter of 2018/19 has been put on hold indefinitely.

Details again from documents within this link:


Thanks to Adrian Cutts of twitter.com/LYBASkw for alerting me.


Also from the above document, the consultation on the options of re-planning the FM band for Perth is set for release between April & July after internal engineering work had been completed. Also, the Regional QLD LAP variations is on track for consultation paper release by the end of this month.