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2015 Sydney Radio in numbers:
1.9%: The morning ratings for 2DayFM in Survey 8 (2015)
87%: The amount of credibility that Alan Jones lost with his listeners when Malcolm became PM
8: The number of hosts that 2DayFM have had on the breakfast shift in the last two years
96%: The amount of credibility that Alan Jones lost within the Liberal Party when Malcolm became PM
3.1%: The amount of Top 10 hits from the 80s and 90s that are actually on the WSFM playlist
1: The number of times every morning that Alan Jones takes a phone call from Stephanie
Zero: Sam’s (from Sam and Rove) radio experience before she was made a host of the 2DayFM breakfast show
2: The average number of times an hour that WSFM plays Bryan Adam’s Summer of 69
5: The number of years since Hamish and Andy rated above a 6% share in Sydney
Zero: Stephanie’s tolerance of multiculturalism
12: The average amount of grammatical errors in a Macquarie news report
186: The amount of times Kyle Sandilands called in sick this year
2: The number of open line callers that Alan Jones spoke to that disagreed with him
6: The number of surveys that Dan and Maz were actually given to prove themselves
4: The number of Sydney-siders who enjoy the Ryan Seacrest Show
Zero: The amount of times Jackie Henderson called in sick this year
100%: The amount of Alan Jones’ open line callers who have a picture of Tony Abbott in their lounge rooms
3: The number of years 2DayFM said they would give Dan and Maz to prove themselves
124 433: The number of times Adele’s “Hello” was played on KIIS, Nova and 2DayFM in December


Interesting that TABRadio WA in among racing coverage is providing bush-fire updates (including emergency warning siren) regarding the out of control fire south of Perth.


Might be easy to answer this question and almost a silly question but why are mobile phones different to dab radio. Band 28 can be used by telstra and optus. Could 9A be used for wollongong and sydney? How many telcos could use Band 28 in theory? They dont interfere with each other ie telstra and optus towers.

How they use the bandwidth, plus different technology (i.e.: mobile phones aren’t the same as DAB+ radios aren’t the same as digital TVs)

The equivalent to Band 28 on LTE mobiles is the entire Band III VHF spectrum - Band 28 is 703-803MHz, while 9A is a small slice of Band III, being only 202.160MHz - 203.696MHz, so it can’t be effectively subdivided between areas.

Thanks. So would it fair to say telstra use 28A and optus would use say 28B.

I wonder if they started again today, digital radio do a deal with all the telcos and make local stations free to stream based on your location. Have a dedicated app. Personally, the reason I avoid streaming is the use of data. Problem solved to some extent if it was free.

Granted vehicle radios might have a challenge but if a digital car radio used an outdoor aerial might help solve the issue. The specially designed digital car radio may use a sim that can use any available network. You can add credits or pay like a google play fee to listen to any minutes of non-local stations in the car or simply tether your mobile and pay data fees and still listen for free like tunein radio. Those remote areas may still (no mobile coverage) might need analog radio. A random idea for this thread.

Question, I know Criag and Mandy are both done at Star fm on the Central Coast, but what happened to Wilco? At a BBQ on the weekend and someone said Mandy and Wilco are back together because she has heard a podcast with them. Anyone know if this is true?

Have just discovered this gem on YouTube. The following video is on the Telos Alliance YouTube channel and appears to be from the NAB Show last year. It is a background to the new SCA audio networking system, SCAsat.

The video gives a good technical description of the satellite and WAN distribution network and components and also of the new scheduling system.

Well worth checking out.


An article from the RadioWorld website posted on the Telos Alliance website.

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My Perth insider tells me a new replacement for the late Shane McFarlane
Will be announce in the coming days to join Clairsy & Kimba for breakfast on mix94.5

Radiotoday is currently leading with the story “One Surprising Thing Radio Can Learn From Donald Trump”.
This is the comment I left on the story:
There is nothing anyone ca learn form Donald Trump. Nothing. What’s next - “One thing radio can learn from the Nazis”. Trump wants to stop all muslims from entering the US. All Muslims - until he “can work out what is going on”. This includes ALL Indonesian, Malaysian, Australian, Canadian and UK muslims.
And Radiotoday is giving this man oxygen?
Although I doubt they they will publish my response.
Quote of 2015: “I am gong to build a wall - a great big wall…” D. Trump.

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under the new “style” with Blair Sullivan there are so many spelling and grammar mistakes, so many stupid articles that mean nothing… RT has gone downhill fast in the past year.

And I’m told by other people in the biz that MANY posts don’t get published these days as they’re out to protect their mates.

My response to the Trump article was this:

"What can we learn from Donald Trump? How about “don’t be a c**t.”

It won’t get published either.


MarkHD - you are spot on when you say that RT does not publish many posts. Most of the stories have “0 Comments” and this is a pity as sites like Mumbrella publish lots of posts - most of them are really interesting takes on a story.
If RT does not want input from readers then they will lose readers in the longer term.

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crankymedia’s comment in the RDS thread got me thinking that 2TEN also has a relay in Stanthorpe, as do not only all the Toowoomba / Warwick stations, as well as a local outlet of Rebel / Breeze. So the radio variety there is actually quite good, the only problem is that they’re all 100W transmitters so drop out 15km out of town. Don’t know about RDS there as my car radio is one of those prehistoric non-RDS enabled ones

Also, when driving through Goondiwindi late last year, that town has both Now FM / 2VM FM relays as well as Rebel (didn’t check for Breeze). The signal difference was very notable between them though - I had NOW Goondiwindi most of the way to Moree but the Rebel dropped out not far out of town. Are their specs / sites different? The Rebel feed also had some notable issues seemingly with the link, as the feed would ‘drop out’ intermittently within songs.

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I believe that Stanthorpe has more (officially licenced) commercial FM radio stations than any market in Australia all from the one site Mt Marlay.

According to the ACMA database, Now/2VM’s Goondiwindi relay is transmitted out of Boggabilla in the NSW side with a maximum ERP of 600 watts DA, whilst Rebel/Breeze transmits from the north side of town in the QLD side with an ERP of 500 watts OD. Those relays are about 8km apart from each other according to Google Earth.

According to the ACMA database, Stanthorpe has 6 officially licenced commercial FM stations, which is the same number as that in Sydney & Melbourne.

[quote=“TV-Expert, post:16, topic:263, full:true”]

To me it makes a mockery of ACMA’s planning processes when somewhere the size of Stanthorpe can have 6 commercial FM stations sanctioned and other larger regional centres are lucky to get one FM and one AM.


But then for Stanthorpe, the nearest “localism” you’re likely to ever get is from Warwick.

I guess Stanthorpe is considered “overlap” ie. in both the Toowoomba/Warwick licence area as well as the Remote Eastern one…

Similar to how with TV, Gold Coast is in both Brissy and Northern NSW TV licence areas.

Funnily enough, when I was there I heard more local ads on the Rebel/Breeze stations than I did on any others. Funny that they’re more a local station (as the remote area licence) than the actual stations licensed to serve that specific area

That’s interesting!

I thought Rebel/Breeze had pretty much a generic ‘state’ feed for the Remote licence area… ie. ads and everything for all QLD markets outside of Beaudesert/SE QLD.

NSW I understand get a different ad feed (but the same music as QLD).