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Somebody better tell ARN … their iHeartRadio DAB+ stations continually run ads telling people they can access their stations via their smart speaker voice assistants.

Don’t think CRA actually know how podcast apps work either.


Or dynamic ad insertion like ARN/iHeartRadio do. If you do it right you can track actual ‘impressions’ as well.


The thing about Online Radio Box is that you can easily get the direct URL from the page source which is probably why CRA have targeted it first.

Thankfully, getting the URL from my favourite CRA stations is easy via the station website, too.


Here’s James Cridland’s Opinion piece on Radioinfo: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/cridland-questions-cras-strategy-targeting-tech-giants

And Joan Warner’s response to the above: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/if-content-king-protecting-your-content-makes-common-sense


Exactly, it’s what I’ve switched to doing. Fortunately, the ABC haven’t yet fallen for this rubbish.

Online Radio Box is a simple, quick loading page that is much quicker than the flash heavy ABC Radio website.


I remember reading back in 2009 about the NDB longwave beacons being phased out by 2012/2013 or so. Obviously this never happened. So, does anyone know what is the latest news about this?


I think the first comment by Tejas on the page is basically the reality. There a lot denial out there.

From my observations, school children are not really listening to radio these days, They need to look at the reality rather than look at restricting access to certified apps.

Focus on attracting young people to be in radio so the next generation embrace radio. Though, it might be too late as this is a global phenomenon especially in Asia where radios popularity has been in a steady decline.


thanks. this is definitely a case of “denial is not just a river in egypt”

yep. i have a 4 year old and a 7 year old. the way they consume all types of media is so different now than how i consumed media. When I was growing up and i wanted to watch something on TV - I had to wait for it to be on. Now, My children can get there favourite tv shows whenever they want, on so many different devices.

It seems that CRA is not up with this and is trying to protect there business model (which i don’t blame them) but now, you are competing with a world wide market. I have a massive data allowance on my phone and using that I can stream radio from anywhere in the world in my car.

When I do listen to local radio it’s for a reason - I might be driving and want the traffic report or i might want to listen to sports. otherwise, I have probably thousands of stations at my finger tips that play the music i like


We noted that reception of 97.7 Snow FM was fairly good from Jindabyne to Thredbo. Are translators really required?

Also noted with open carriers: 2ABCFM 105.9 and 2JJJ 107.5 (Jindabyne).


41.6% of triple j listeners and 41.2% of Nova listeners also use streaming apps, and the report suggests that the introduction of news imminently to Google Play and YouTube Music (or Spotify in the future) could see these two networks lose out on listeners numbers.

Overall, 25.9% of radio listeners also used streaming apps.


I’m surprised the figure is that high?

I would have guessed that it would be 10-15% of listeners.

If around 40%, that suggests to me that EVERY station in Australia should be streaming… That’s too many listeners to be missing out on.


The licence area and its coverage dictates its place.

From the Wentworth Falls site at 5kW ERP, it’s an adjacent metro licence with considerable metro overspill. That means the format is either hyper local to the licence area or a niche format is pursued ie. a format no Sydney wide station has in use.

Considering that SCA/Austereo have never known how to operate Triple M to rate beside 2DAY unlike Nova/Smooth combo, it’s likely SCA would’ve blundered in their format choice.

Hopefully we’ll never find out.

The local content statement of 96.1 is amusing:

What is the local news content they refer to? What do you hear?


‘Leaving Neverland’ will air here on 10 this Friday & Saturday.


I don’t listen to The Edge much at all, let alone during daylight hours when there might be a smidgen of local content, which is about what I suspect they do. Certainly nothing like what 2KA would have done, but they’re obviously trying to maximise the potential created by overspill at the expense of those within the licence area.


By banning the music, it infers that the content of the doco is taken to be true.

MJ is dead, the matter won’t be investigated to a criminal standard of proof. This is a bush lawyer decision likely to appease the online whingers.


Now Nova following

Local radio network Nova Entertainment Group, whose stable includes easy-listening station smoothfm, has joined international networks in pulling Michael Jackson songs from its playlists, in the wake of renewed sexual abuse allegations against the late singer featured in the documentary Leaving Neverland .

“The decisions we make about the music we play on any of our stations are dependent on the relevance to the audience and the current context,” said Paul Jackson, Nova Entertainment’s Group Programme Director. “In light of what is happening at the moment, smoothfm is not currently playing any Michael Jackson songs.”

However, the Australian Radio Network (ARN), which hosts local easy-listening station WSFM, is awaiting a stronger response from its listeners.

“At this stage, ARN stations with music formats that play Michael Jackson won’t be removing his music. However, as always, we will continue to regularly review our playlists based on what audiences want to hear,” an ARN spokesperson said.


These types of allegations are nothing new.

MJ will never get the chance to defend himself against such allegations, so I think it’s a bit premature to stop playing his music, even if temporarily.

In the case of Nova, it seems odd to simply temporarily remove his music, as A) it’s unlikely these allegations will be proven and B) they’ll probably have to start playing them again at some point.


I guess it’s a wait and see situation.

Either way, removing his music from the playlist temporarily is no big deal. Avoids awkward on air chat when they have to back announce the music. Also, avoids any complaints from listeners at this time.

Once the doco airs, they can reassess the situation. Has his music been tainted forever or can people separate the allegations from his achievements?


The research will return time and time again that audience like Jackson’s music and will want to hear it again on air.

Are streaming services offering to drop MJ from their available music? No. Can radio afford get away with this in 2019? Smacks of Joan and CRA member thinking on radio being an island that it no longer is.


I don’t think any music station would really want to make any comment on the allegations, it’s never been their domain to do so as they are music stations, not talkback (except perhaps Triple M).

They can just say “That was Michael Jackson’s Thriller” and move onto something else.