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But then they probably can’t afford not to.


That’s a good point, especially since 2BS has converted to FM & is offering mostly the same programming as heard on 2LT.


What heck is this internet station trying to do? http://www.hitzradio.net They say they run all these shows from SCA and ARN that I’m 100% sure they don’t have a licence to do so and what’s stranger is in the past I have heard them playing these shows on their stream??


This is the third time they have been hit within the last couple of months. Obviously each time the lightning hits the tower and grounds it is hitting and frying the ISDN lines in the ground.

Their setup is so shoddy, they just need to invest the money for a microwave STL even if it has to be multiple hops to get to Wentworth Falls. They could also speak to the ARN engineer who looks after 96.1 to see how it is done properly.


ISDN is digital… thats what the D stands for :slight_smile:


ISDN is so yesterday technology!! With the rollout of the NBN progressing. Telstra have stopped selling these services, and will soon stop servicing them as well.

When Wentworth Falls is NBN complete Mid West Radio will be forced off ISDN by Telstra whether they like it or not.


Pricey is a legend,he is Townsville.Thats so true ,regional radio need more local presenters and programmes


A few observations while listening to Sydney FM radio…

I cannot believe I am saying this, but 2Day is now sounding amazingly similar to WSFM about 50% of the time. All their 80s and 90s tracks they have now added…

I guess this is why Triple M have gone VERY “classic hits” now - otherwise if the M’s had remained the same, there would likely be too much overlap with sister station 2Day (and the same would happen with hit107 in Adelaide).

As it stands, WSFM and 2Day are sounding a lot like the old Mix106.5 and Triple M is sounding a lot like WSFM 5-8yrs ago.

In summary, loving Triple M’s new format. They’re nailing it. It’s a shame that WSFM have lost their “classic hits” focus and are sounding a little too new for my liking.


You can see the comparisons yourself on the below links.

WSFM: https://radiovolna.net/en/8888-ws-fm-1017-pure-gold.html
2Day: https://radiovolna.net/en/402475-2day-hit.html

You can also say that WS is sounding very similar to Smooth about a little over 50% of the time too.

I agree on both counts. It’s just a pity, at least for those listening just for the music, that Triple M’s drive programming is more talk-based as opposed to WS/Gold & Smooth, not to mention the NRL/AFL coverage on weekends during the footy season.


and a bloody shame they have, works when the NBN shit disconnects every 5 minutes during a OB… The ISDN will still be chugging along until you hit the disconnect button…

The amount of time I spend speaking with Telstra Support because of NBN issues is incredible…
Example before Xmas we lost the fibre for 10 mins at 4AK because NBN decided they would just disconnect the fibre and swap stuff around without telling us they were going to be working on it… Oh boy did they know how annoyed I was when they told me what the dropout was caused by.


Correct… it just worked… (despite what Fitzy and wippas parody video says)


Yes that video is bloody great… You can play it to any tech and they can relate straight away


99.5 Move Fm now back on air.
Hopefully they get through Saturday unscathed with thunderstorms forecast again for Katoomba across the day.


Yeah Move FM is on air but sound as bad as they did when they first started on 99.5 FM like a 32kbps stream. Just horrible :confused: plus I have noticed the audio cutting out every once and awhile.


I noticed that too, lucky I can receive it quite well on 107.9, that is until the TCL’s start up again.


I found this interesting. Was thinking of posting in the digital radio thread, but perhaps more relevant for online streaming. xHE-AAC i dont is supported on dab.


The Beatles paradox.

Arguably the biggest band of all time - yet seldom heard on radio.

Even on Cruise I’m more likely to hear the Beach Boys ‘Good vibrations’ than anything by the Beatles…

Similarly on 4KQ, I’m more likely to the hear the Animals ‘House of the Rising Sun’ than anything Lennon and McCartney ever wrote.

Why is this?

The Beatles had vastly more charting hits than the Beach Boys and Animals combined.

When Gold 92.5 first launched as an oldies station (50s and 60s) I was much more likely to hear the Monkees ‘Listen to the band’ than a Beatles hit.

Don’t get me wrong - the Beatles are still played… (I even heard ‘All you need is love’ recently on Triple M Brisbane)…

But they are played far less than what their status and (previously massive) popularity would suggest they should be.


Triple M metro played Come Together out of the 1pm news today. :blush:


Haha… how apt.


Gold 104.3 Melbourne have Fab 4 at 4 where they play a Beatles song after the 4pm news on Fridays as a part of Thank Gold It’s Friday