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Yes fair comment. They do get played but not as much as they should comparative to others. I have actually wondered why KQ doesn’t play more. FM104 played a lot of Beatles on Sunday Morning 60s during the late 80s but that was probably the most I’ve heard them.

Even BBC Radio 2 seems to have dropped them for the most part, and they were a staple up until fairly recently.

It is good to see Triple M play the odd track recently though.


Yes- I agree it’s a paradox. It’s increasingly rare to hear 60s music on radio but The Beatles are to pop what Shakespeare is to literature and drama- seminal and timeless.


Yes. Absolute Radio UK play very little 60s on the FM station but when they do it’s often a Beatles track.


Oh no no no…

Oh no no no…


Quote from the article: ‘10-17 year-olds were reached the most with 87% tuning in to commercial radio.’
So if that’s the case, why aren’t KIIS/Nova/Hit Targeting this audience!!! Why skew older when 10-17 year olds tune in the most!!


Because from my experience kids these days also love older music. My god daughter is 17 but loves 80s music and even ABBA. Yes she was a One Direction fanatic but she also knows all the words to Scenes From An Italian Restaurant/ Billy Joel!

She’s not alone either. I was recently at a high school music trivia contest and it was the 80s hits that drew the biggest response from the kids.

Face it, they’re into the older stuff too.


Yes, but why can’t at least one of the three stations be a true CHR station. Because at the moment, it gets sickening listening to three Hot AC stations that are all playing Hits and Old School (sorry, couldn’t think of a better describing word). Why can’t at least one station play Top 40??


I know what you mean but I don’t think there’s enough churn in the top 40 these days. i.e. songs stay around in the top 40 longer as there’s not as many new songs coming in to replace them for whatever reason. If stations played the top 40 only it would be stagnant for months.

It’s not like previous decades (60s, 70s, 80s) where new music was constantly being added. And good new music at that.

Radio Stations - Music Logs
Radio Stations - Music Logs

I agree that there should be at least one station trying to be different. The Edge is almost there by playing a lot more new music…but they also play some Urban music that probably shouldn’t be played at all and is a turn off for general listeners.

Also, there aren’t any 10-17 year old listening to the radio during the day so you can understand them targeting different denominations then.

Personally, I think the smartest move for one of these stations would be to be CHR at Breakfast, Drive and Nights and be Hot AC during the day.


The 10-17 growth numbers reported would be pretty accurate, and I’d assume are a direct result of the 3 big music brands (KIIS,SCA,Nova) all skewing older in their formats. The older audience they are targeting have kids in the 10-17 group that would be indicative of the gains.

And what’s been said previously about younger demographics enjoying 80’s and 90’s music is very true in this day and age.


I’ll give a rundown of station formats in different times IMO.
Fitzy and Wippa: Hot AC/CHR, Half and Half really some quite recent songs and some not so recent.
Grant Ed and Ash: Hot AC/AC, Similar to Fitzy and Wippa, maybe skewing just a tad older.
Kyle and Jackie O: CHR, Even if it’s one song every half hour, it’s mainly recent.
Kate Tim and Marty: Hot AC/CHR, Same as Fitzy and Wippa really.
Will and Woody: Hot AC/CHR, different mix of music to KTM, but ultimately not that new.
Hughesy and Kate: Hot AC/CHR, Very similar music mix to KTM and vice versa.
Smallzy Surgery: CHR, songs that should be mixed in with the workday.
Ash London/ Danny Lakey Late Show: CHR, again songs that need to be in the workday playlist.
Celeb HQ/ Jase & PJ Replayed: Hot AC/AC, not many new songs at all, mainly ‘Old School Anthems’.

Just did a comparison of the 10-11 hour just before actually:


It’s also not just an Australian thing either. There aren’t many markets where pure CHR stations exist at the moment, or top the ratings.

Take a look at LA. The top 3 stations at the moment are AC, Hot AC and Classic Hits.
KOST has regained No 1 albeit with their Christmas format in December, but they were trending up in Oct and Nov also. MyFM is No 2 with Hot AC and KEarth at 3 with their 80s classic hits.

KIIS is No 4 and though officially a CHR station they’re not. Take a look at the playlist. Lots of music from early 2000s like Crazy in Love/Beyonce. There isn’t a pure CHR station anywhere near the top in LA.

Similar story all over North America.

It’s probably just a cycle and CHR May come back into more favour when music improves and there’s more good new music about. Maybe…


Because they don’t have a lot of money.

Advertisers want those with higher incomes.


A couple of Beatles songs today on 4KQ (as part of 25 years in 25 days).


i’ve been reading about operation london bridge (the plans for the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II) and they were talking about Orbit lights and sombre playlists. everyhting i’ve read talks about the UK but i’m interested in australian radio.

do aussie stations have plans? do we have orbit lights? otherwise i guess the wires will go mental. i’m interested if all stations would do anything - i’m thinking some won’t, but the ABC definitely would


It would certainly get a lot of coverage on talk/news radio stations, but I can’t imagine music stations doing anything?


With respect to New Zealand, RNZ National has said the following according to this article:

…However, the ever-ready state broadcaster RNZ does have written guidelines and instructions for the death of the monarch or prime minister, spokesman John Barr says.

It includes a ban on playing Freddie Mercury’s Queen, or any punk music (Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen is definitely off-limits), in favour of “instrumental background music”.


I’d say there wouldn’t be much beyond extensive news coverage on most stations. I actually doubt even the ABC would do too much differently. ABC TV would have some specials lined up though I’m sure.


I have my playlist of Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead ready, locked and loaded.


But until then, keep playing God Save the Queen by The Sex Pistols. :stuck_out_tongue:

God save the queen
She’s not a human being
and there’s no future
And England’s dreaming