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Most have some form of backup tape/CD/feed. Caught Triple M’s in Melbourne just before Christmas when the automation completely died


Update on 99.5 Move fm Wentworth Falls. Rang them this morning to find out when the station will be back on air. They did not know it was off air.

Obviously not many people are listening to 99.5 on the Blue Mountains considering it has been off air now for so long. They took my contact details.


If not many people are listening to Move FM 99.5 (one would like to think 2LT 101.1 gets more listeners, especially since their main transmission is on AM), what I’d really be interested to know is what radio stations Blue Mountains residents typically listen to? Do the Sydney stations come in well or not?


I’d imagine that most people in the Blue Mountains listen to the Sydney stations, which gets out very well across the region. It can even be heard as far as Lithgow, despite being in a valley.

The Central Coast & the Illawarra stations, including C91.3 from Campbelltown & 2ST 102.9 from Bowral, can also be heard very well across the Blue Mountains too. Apparently, plenty of people tune to 97.3 ABC Illawarra instead of ABC Radio Sydney 702 in the Blue Mountains due to the former having an excellent signal. For that same reason, I’d imagine that people listening to ABC Newsradio listen via 90.9 from the Illawarra instead of via 630 from Sydney, particularly given that the latter suffers from skywave at night caused by 630 ABC North Queensland from Townsville.
Also, in south-facing areas south of the Great Western Highway, ABC Classic FM on 95.7 & JJJ on 98.9 from the Illawarra is better received than via its Sydney frequencies on 92.9 & 105.7 respectively.


I would tend to agree that more people listen to 101.1 2LT in the Blue Mountains then 99.5 Move Fm.
Considering when both stations went down in the storm before Xmas enough people must have called up to have made them aware of it.

When only Move goes down last week no one calls up except me.

I hope local business in the Blue Mountains who advertise on these stations are getting cheap advertising!!!

My dentist at Springwood has Smooth on.
Maybe the people who cannot get 2GB in the mountains clearly listen to 2LT for Hadley etc.


Oh my, that is quite bad really… For them to put money into getting it up and running but not knowing that it had been off air for 3 days already!


The only benefit is, at least 2LT has local weather etc. Its funny out of lic area people are the ones who complain. :blush:


I seem to recall that Midwest took out a large advertisement in the local Blue Mountains rag around the time of the translators’ launch. It was an ‘Uncle Sam’ caricature, imploring listeners (‘We Want You!’) to tune in.


Here’s the ad below.


Is that MoveFM logo one of Australia’s worst?

It reminds me of a tennis coaching company.


The overall quality of the ad is very poor, looks like it was made in Microsoft Word…


They are certantly not helping themselves by not being able to keep these services on air rain, hail, or shine. Also the audio they are broadcasting is still inferior to their competitors.

Two years is the time frame they are quoting to get the site fully digital, I am assuming with an STL from studio to site to replace the unreliable ISDN or equivalent link they are using at present.


It’s horrendous


Sydney AM 891

North of the Harbour, am noticing 2KY mixed with one or two other AM services quietly underneath.

How long has this been going on and what, if any can be done about it?


I am noticing this too at my location as well.


TV_Expert does it again! Thanks :smiley:.


This is probably the best thread to share this following opinion piece by Ryan Rathbone, who started off his radio career on 2ZZZ Lismore & is now Network Content Director for The Edge in NZ.


Just got a call from 2LT / Move Fm. They have sent their tech out to the broadcast hut at Wentworth Falls. The ISDN link that carries the Move Fm fead got fried by a massive lightning strike. They are now waiting for Telstra to repair / replace the ISDN link. This was information relayed to me by their receptionist.


Lightning active storms are no stranger to that part of the world and it will probably get hit again before this summer is done. They should really use this as a catalyst to carry out the aforementioned upgrade to digital. But given the ever tenuous financial situation of the broadcaster, I doubt it.


With that in mind, I wonder if 2LT will be able to afford to convert their main 900AM signal to FM if or when the time comes? :thinking: