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On this topic of censoring, I notice even Australian radio censors the following lines in Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag”:

“Her boyfriend’s a d*ck,
He brings a [censored] gun to school…”

The gun line wasn’t censored back in 2000 when the song was in the charts, even though the Columbine shootings happened just prior.

The most puzzling instance of censorship is in “Senses Working Overtime” by XTC. The line “…and buses might skid on black ice…” is almost always omitted. It might be an obtuse drug reference but not worthy of censorship imo.


I remember it was censored. Maybe it depended on the radio station back then too.


TIL why that line was censored. How ridiculous


Not really when you get someone in the network who cares about the on-air sound, just a matter of said person getting time to go around the network and make it sound the best it can


Speaking of 2GF, the lawn needs mowing down at Swan Creek again :joy:



More funny was the saplings growing on the earth mat at Maryborough’s AM 1161 site at Dundathu. I can’t remember if it was in the time of 4MB or post sale to 4TAB.


Hmmmmm… judging by how long they have been off-air for, and the fact that they are broadcasting on ‘low power’, suggests that they might have a bigger problem in their hands.

To me, it seems they might have a SWR problem (no pun intended).

Did their equipment get struck by lightning? If so, that could’ve cause a lot of hidden damage, (for example, in their coax cable) which would lead to a lot of reflected power back into their transmitter - which would cause even more damage…


Yeah still low power as of this morning. I can listen to SWR on my clock radio in my room now (without bluetooth). The sensitivity of that radio is not the best.

Their internet stream isn’t as good as SWR from a sound quality viewpoint. HHH has great shows weeknight evenings so I do miss 100.1. It is the most clear community station I have given I am in the licence area. Now hardly a trace. Reliable reception is from Pierces Corner. Did not try the northern end of Hornsby yet.

Whilst it has been down was thinking, Hornsby Shire is a difficult shire to have awesome reception due to the terrain. I am probably only 10 kms away from the TX and got nothing even at low power with a normal radio. I was thinking Dural might be a better location to position the aerial but you might win some areas but lose others. I think the only way to really cover Hornsby shire is having repeaters. 200 W is not enough. They could put the TX on top of a new apartment but community radio don’t have unlimited funds for that.


I never get why these community stations stream online at such low bitrates especially when situations like this come about and most of your listener base will be online.
In todays day and age of streaming technology there’s no excuse to stream so low :confused:


I’ve complained about the IMD/mixing garbage in Goulburn plenty of times- here is the proof:


Did they fix that last one up at Crookwell, I told them about it & linked to your video & they were going to get someone to go & look at it, might have had a look, but don’t know how to fix?

This one could be in the too hard basket?

You can always complain to ACMA about it.

I have complained to AMCA in the past about an IMD problem on the AM band in Newcastle, & they made (ABC) Broadcast Australia fix it.


On another tangent with the station, it’s interesting to note that FBi doesn’t retransmit in the Sydney tunnels, whereas Fine Music 102.5 (2MBS), Hope 103.2 & 2SER, do. This is despite the fact that unlike FBi, the other three community stations broadcast on a lower power, as well as the fact that Fine Music & 2SER don’t transmit from either Gore Hill or Artarmon (Hope transmit from the latter at a maximum ERP of 50kW).


It’s in the beyond their competence basket or budget basket to continue for the decades that it has.

Considering it’s standard IMD, I’d say it’s budget over competence that’s the sticking point.


A financial decision? In Melbourne i think most community stations don’t rebroadcast in Citylink tunnels and I’m pretty sure it’s the cost that put them off.


Hmm must check the Brisbane tunnels next time I’m in there. I always find it super annoying that the DAB stations aren’t on air in the tunnels. Also the only FM station I want to hear is also not in 2 out of the 3 main tunnels - River 949. So I end up flicking to 4KQ on AM (!) whenever I go through them.


Anything FM from Mt Coot-tha and all the AM stations (even 1053 and 1197) are broadcast thru every tunnel.

The rebroadcasts in the Legacy Way tunnel are awful. All sound like they are fed by off-channel radios.


I wonder if this is because they do not have the tech to break into DAB to issue traffic warnings


The tunnel operators pay for the tech and decide which signals go into the tunnels. Wide area communities are there generally. 101 from Logan is in the clem7, and 949 in legacy I’d say that most people using those tunnels come from that area.
Dab tunnel tech is available but the operators haven’t installed it. At a guess, due to cost… but who knows.


Clem 7’s original tunnel operator told Spencer Howson on an ABC Bris bfast interview that it was due to cost, this was early into the life of the tunnel, 2010.

Good to read confirmation of this.


Not sure as I didn’t drive through Crookwell yesterday.