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Anyone driving through Crookwell is advised to do so between 9 - 4:30 weekdays and until 12:30 Sat for the Lindner family’s sock factory:

6 Goulburn St, Crookwell

All made on the premises, you can watch them being made. Great quality, comfy and long lasting.

Sample the radio reception in the area, the expanded Canberra digital coverage on the hills, the expansive coverage of Mt Canobolas despite the terrain between and any other DX opportunities on the high points in the region.

Both roads to Bathurst have recently been upgraded, so try either Trunkey or Abercrombie Roads for the loop back to Sydney.


For some weird reason, I’ve always wanted to hear a Classic Hits station in stereo on 106.1 - even if it is fed via a web stream, which does cheapen it a bit for me.


2GN (as well as 2XL) is sounding a bit more like WS these days, as you can see on this log, in which they’re playing more from the 90s & early-mid 00s. That said, they still play plenty of 70s & 80s music that is not heard on WS.


It was a real laugh arriving at night and realising this a few years ago when travelling.


I have this strange obsession too haha.


Lol! I did toy with the idea of buying one of those FM in car transmiiters so I could recreate that, but it would be only useful if travelled somewhere in the countryside as there’s not many totally clear frequencies at home.


Found this on the back cover of the “Love Junkie 3” CD:

Hit Music Network referred to Star FM, Sea FM and Hot FM stations pre-2011 (SCM era), and this CD was released in 2011!

EDIT: I can see on eBay that there were 4 CDs in the series: Here’s the first volume’s one. Second and similar to the third (above) and the fourth, well I can’t find it.


Drove up to the Central Coast today and tuned in to 100.1mhz on the Tucson car radio to check on the reception of HHH.

Very patchy reception started at Pennant Hills, equivalent to Eagle Fm in non tropo conditions at my location at Stanhope Gardens.

The strongest signal I got was at the entrance to the M1 at Wahroonga, one suburb away from the transmitter, but it was still not strong enough to seek on my car radio. By the Berowra exit on the motorway it was completely gone.

The Tucson car radio has quite a sensitive tuner, and with it struggling for signal of HHH only two suburbs away shows how stuffed their transmitter is. It must be at 1w or less considering a 1w LPON travels further.

Has anyone reported the fault to HHH?


I did send a facebook message to them. I am sure they know.


Nova played the song this morning. Those words were censored but so was another word in the third line.

“And he’d simply kick my ass if he knew the truth”

Seems excessive but maybe they use a radio edit version that is standard.


A lot of those radio edits are made for American stations which seem to be particularly sensitive to “swearing” in songs

I don’t know how they would have coped with a song like Meredith Brooks’ “Bitch”, which from memory used to get played on Mix 101.1, including in breakfast/drive


The Free to air TV and radio in America is very restricted as to what they can air. As they use public airwaves they are regulated by the FCC.

Pay TV / cable and satellite radio face no such restrictions. My brother visited Australia from the US in 2002 and was shocked that Channel 10 was screening Sex and the City!


Those who were talking about getting one of those retro Aldi or Flea Market (JB HiFi) radios, did you get one, & how’s it going?

I got the large Flea Market Retro Boombox from JB HiFi (on special for $199 now).

It actually sounds quite good, it has AM/FM, CD, Cassette, USB, Bluetooth & Aux In.

You can record Radio, CD & Cassette to USB, but it only records mp3 @ 128k.

If anyone else has one of these, I’m interested in how you see the radio reception?

Mine seems like there’s something wrong, & I may have to take it back for a replacement?

It auto tunes (digital tuner (not DAB - digital)) all the stations, including distant ones from Sydney 100k’s away (likely tropo), but there’s no audio except on Nova 96.9 & Smooth 95.3, the local Newcastle stations tune in, but they’re very scratchy sounding & the stereo drops out a lot, in fact most of the time they’re only in mono.

It’s obviously a DSP chip & the receiver is good/strong, but there’s something not right with the decoding & audio output?

I live in a difficult area for local Newcastle FM reception, due to a large hill between me & Mt Sugarloaf (I’m right at the base of the hill on the wrong side), but I thought local reception would be better than this on it, considering it can auto tune distant stations?

Maybe there’s enough signal to easily auto tune stations, but it’s not strong enough for the DSP to decode successfully?

I might have to take it elsewhere & try again before taking it back.


Maybe multipath is an issue on FM for the tuner, which I think you might be ruminating over?
Worth a try at a cleaner line-of site location, at least for your curiosity.


I’m actually thinking that now, because some of the Newcastle stations go in & out of stereo, 2NURFM auto tunes but there’s no audio at all, some of the lower power Newcastle stations, (Rhema, Lake Mac FM, etc. ) have poor audio or drop out altogether sometimes, same with most of the central coast stations, but I’m having no problem listening to SmoothFM or WSFM in Stereo & quite clear right now.

The FM antenna feels loose & sloppy, (not firm when you move it & place it in position), maybe it’s not making a good connection. I might have to risk warranty & open it up.

If I can auto tune & auto save stations, from local, semi local & distant, it’s obviously not a problem with the receiver actually receiving the signal?


So difficult to know without investigating…
Battle with some radios these days is trying to even work out how to open the radios, such as is the case with my Bush DAB/FM/Internet radio, which try as I might I can’t open (to investigate display issue).

Also bear in mind there is a medium/strong tropo opening between Sydney & Newcastle happening right now, so Sydney stations will appear much stronger than normal.


I did get the Aldi one, and was going to bring it up home to do a proper test, but for two reasons, I didn’t bring it. One was I forgot it, and two was the fact that it would not fit in my already stuffed in two ways suitcase.

I did buy a pack of blank tapes to play with though. Will test out when I get back home.


Today will give a false impression as Sydney has been booming into here for the last 36 hours or so.


I got a good old sony radio for my 97 year old grandma. Works well locked into 2ch. Did not test it out extensively but does the job.


You couldn’t convince her to go DAB?

Since 2CH has the best sound on DAB by a country mile and now with Song Playing info.