Random Radio


There’s a bit of Life on the frequency for me (pun absolutely intended).

2SSR seems to be back to normal now also.


This is a bit random, I notice that at my current location with a very small aerial the reception for 9C is below 10dB but 9A and 9B are above 10 dB on average… Not sure if it proves anything, this is a random post :). I don’t think I am within range of the repeaters (but in theory 9C should be repeated now all around Sydney).


Great to see 2SM has changed it’s audio from Mono to Stereo… Just out of intrest is it Parametric Stereo or Discrete Stereo???


Good question. How do you tell? The Audiocodec is AAC-LC.


Although being in a very good location for signals from Willoughby/Artarmon/Gore Hill probably helps things on my end, personally I find that having the TV antenna plugged into the USB tuner (even with the polarization differences) comes up with the best DAB+ signal results! :slight_smile:


Yes, even up here (105 kms away) with the telescopic antenna on my portable DAB radio at horizontal, I can still get a reasonably reliable DAB signal, though it’s only a bit above the digital cliff. Results are obviously better with the antenna vertical.

The higher gain on your outdoor antenna and the better location more than makes up for the polarity issue.


Well hhh 100.1 still off air. Must be hard being a community stations, funding to fix such problems would be hard to come by.


It’s all in the label - ‘HE-AAC v2’ is defined as AAC-LC with Parametric Stereo and SBR, v1 is just SBR, while the base ‘AAC-LC’ has neither.

So my understanding is that if it says Stereo and AAC-LC, then it’s real stereo.


Well drove to Waitara it sounds like it on air.

Dont worry I am not an obsessed radio nerd, who sits in his car dxing :sweat_smile:, the other half works in the area. Haha. Good excuse right? Might be just at low power. The 70s shows rocks at this time.

Edit: yes 3km down the road the reception dies. I am within the licensed area and you cant pick it up on my sangean radio. 100.3 is 10 times better.


I might buy one like this to bring to work next year.my old one I was using,$5 one from a garage sale ,doesn’t work anymore :confused:


I recalled 2GN sounded great on AM too.


It’s interesting isn’t it how some AM stations just sound or sounded better than others.

The ones that stick for me are Radio 10 and 4SS. They just seemed to have a richer sound somehow. I also remember 2CH sounding better than the others in Sydney, particularly 2SM.


I imagine, like FM, the sound still requires processing even though the TX output is mono.

It’s probably stereo up through the chain until before it exits the transmitter.


AM can sound very good with the right audio processing. Just like the Optimod for FM, Orban have a line of AM specific processors that process the signal as stereo. I would assume it’s all stereo up to what goes into the STL.

I find it rather amusing that most of the Caralis AM stations have very nice sounding audio. I caught a listen to 2GF last week driving through to Brisbane and thought it sounded better on AM than their FM signal.


Correct, FM 103.9 is ‘not quite there’, needs more prominence in the vocal range for the talk content that forms the majority of processing. @Paul_Covo_Covington why is this?


So interesting stuff, there’s a song going around on the radio called Travis Scott - Sicko Mode and it has a lyric in it

Language warning to uncover lyrics:

“Astro, yeah, yeah
Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up!!
Ayy, ayy”

I know we live in an inspired generation!
I noticed that, that lyric is not censored on the radio, I heard it so many times and its never censored?? did they forget or don’t realise its in there.

I even heard it uncensored on Hot 97 in New York.

Link to lyrics: https://genius.com/Travis-scott-sicko-mode-lyrics

Here’s the track censored with that one part uncensored.
(If you click on it it goes straight to the part I’m taking about)


Which radio station plays it uncensored?

I notice each station has different standards. Nova and 2Day will censor “shit” in a song but KIIS doesn’t.


So its not the whole song uncensored just that one part, but I heard it on 2Day FM and The EDGE during the day (And I say during the day because The EDGE plays fully uncensored songs after 9pm)


I wonder if it just slipped past the censors. They wouldn’t think it was less offensive in Australia, would they?


Probably did, but the same song I have heard on Hot 97 New York where they censor everything to the max with the same lyric.