Random Radio


Where is their transmitter located??




Getting Life Fm Bathurst in stereo on 100.1mhz thanks to no HHH.


Yes i think i got that this morning. Was not sure. It had some religious show so i guess it was bathurst. It was faint.


That is Life Fm Bathurst.


That was my initial guess as well.


If that is the case they maybe waiting on Telstra / NBN to fix the link?

They would really wish they had the microwave STL in place now!!

If not back on air on Monday I will follow up again with them.


Secondly how would they run an STL to Wentworth Falls,

Would it be Studio to Mt Lambie / Mt Tomah / Wentworth Falls??

There are reason why they cannot receive off air from Mt Lambie at Wentworth Falls.


2SSR 99.7 is the latest FM broadcaster to be effected by equipment problems. No audio or very little audio past hours.

Might be dx opportunities later as a result of these silent audio transmissions as one can notch out local carriers with good SDR software for the no audio transmissions & uncover other distant transmissions when propagation allows.


Rhema Newcastle has been known to received in Sydney during ducting even with 2SSR present.

The current outage with that and 2HHH won’t really open up opportunities for me as Bathurst is a rare catch for me due to terrain and JJJ Bega is usually strong enough to over power 2HHH when there is tropo about. And Rhema is too strong here.



2SSR is on air at normal strength but is running open carrier.


Correct. Just the occasional 3 second burst of audio.


Hhh fm is on air. I just drove next to transmitter. Might only be half a watt.


There was a lot of lightning from a β€˜tail end Charlie’ storm that intensified over the Shire last night. From the reports around it seems Sutherland copped it worse than here.


Yep I’d say thats a good guess. Likely would be the codec equip, especially if its still ISDN or POTS on copper lines.

Well spotted, it was operator error, no disruption from storms fortunately. Back up is actually mp3 on a CF Card at the TX site.


It has been that way since at least Friday when I was over at Cronulla.

How convenient is all this for a certain station in the middle. :sunglasses:


Still no 2HHH.

Conditions are very good tonight, but still not a peep for me on 100.1 from Bathurst, Bega, Gloucester, Murrurundi or anywhere.


The Triple H Facebook page reports that it should be back online tomorrow.


Yeah tonight i drove past and it is nothing now. It helps swr fm though. HHH is on air via online.