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855 at Pialba was decommissioned a few years ago (as it’s also available on FM100.1 across the Wide Bay region).

Eidsvold is still on air though.


The ABC reception website still lists it as being on air complete with the transmitter coverage map. Can’t seem to find the transmitter on google earth (seems to have it right in the middle of a residential area) so methinks the website needs updating.


They moved site…


Thanks, I don’t know why I thought it wasn’t on air anymore.


No audio from 2LT/Move FM Katoomba (Wentworth Falls) transmitters on 101.1 & 99.5 FM today. Just unmodulated carriers.

Obviously a serious problem since it’s been the case for several hours already.


From the bad weather I guess. 96.1 is on air.


The 2LT / Move Fm array got struck by lightning in the storm last night and has gone off air as a result.

They have somone on site at present carrying out repairs. The receptionist said they hope to have it back on this afternoon weather permitting.

Also update on improvements they hope to have the site fully digital within two years. New dish is arriving shortly, so this may mean microwave Stl to site???
Good to see they are investing money on improving these services.


The nostalgic part of me wants to get one of these radios


Has anyone had a Flea Market brand radio?

I don’t know what the quality is like, at $59 probably not great, seems full featured otherwise even though it’s an analogue tuner.


Noticed this morning it is still only the unmodulated carriers on 99.5mhz and 101.1mhz for Move/2LT.

Maybe the storms yesterday in the area hampered this work from happening, or major equipment was damaged that now needs to be replaced??? How come 96.1 was not affected considering their arrays are higher up the mast and their equipment is also in the same broadcast hut??

If they are still off air on Monday I will follow up again.


I’ve had/got so many radios I can’t remember if I’ve got or have a Flea Market one? I’ve had other Flea Market stuff, not too bad for the price you pay.
We in the radio industry loved the Flea Market “On Air” sign’s, we probably bought them all out of stock between us, many were bought for other industry members presents (birthdays & Christmas).

I think I might get one of the larger retro boomboxes for Christmas https://www.jbhifi.com.au/flea-market/flea-market-retro-boombox-silver/337687/

They have a similar one to what you linked to in Aldi on sale today Saturday 15th, it’s the Aldi Median brand for $49.99, it’s probably the same radio with different branding?


96.1 might have better Earthing protection around their equipment?

Lightning doesn’t always strike the highest point, it choses the path of least resistance, the path through the 2LT/MoveFM equipment might have been the easiest path for the lightning to travel?


I did see that larger one at JB last weekend.
It’s pretty big.
I’ll have another look at that and the smaller one today.


Perhaps similar to this one that reviewed really poorly?


Yes. I brought one today - tested out the AM/FM/SW functions, Bluetooth, but not the SD yet, don;t have any cassettes, will take it back home to Scone to raid the parent’s cassettes to try.

Needs an AUX IN but I suppose Bluetooth will do. Sounds OK, not perfect.


would be awesome if they allowed you to copy the tapes on a USB stick :stuck_out_tongue:


You can record off the USB stick to the cassette I think, but not the other way around.


That’s weird!?

They would sell more if it was the other way around, would be a convenient way to convert tapes to digital.

But would probably cost more then too.


Hhh is off air. No electricity here. Lucky i have an old fashion radio. Swr is now booming in.


Move, and 2LT Katoomba still off air from Wentworth Falls, now going on three days!!

Either their engineer does not work on weekends or there is some serious damage done from the lightning strike on Thursday night.

My educated guess is their transmitter and arrays on the tower are fine, the ISDN or NBN link that feads from the studio to the broadcast hut at Wentworth Falls has been damaged, hence normal signal strength with stereo pilot, no feads from Lithgow. What also is surprising is there is no CD backups for loss of transmissions.

2SWR Fm went onto CD backup on Friday afternoon after one of the storms.

Please feel free to correct me if any of this sounds wrong.


HHH still off air. We have electricity around here now. No internet via nbn. Optus and Vodafone are down. Telstra still up on the mobile network. I got wifi calling so can use my optus mobile still when connected to the telstra hotspot.

Although I did drive past the hhh fm transmitter, it appeared there was electricity in the area. I wonder if lightening hit the transmitter.