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Caitlin McCormack, I assume.

Google is your friend. Search [Caitlin McCormack] and [Sea FM]


Thanks. Found her Instagram in which she posted clips and screencaps from Monday’s Blind Date.


I hope you’re not going to start stalking her now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i certainly do know who she is


Do you think she will be interested in going on a blind date with @JohnsonTV? :wink:


As if :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was worth a try. I’m looking out for you, mate. :wink:


“This work will allow us to test ways to combine both broadcasting and internet technologies to deliver richer content and a better in-car radio experience for listeners,” said Joan Warner, CEO of Commercial Radio Australia.

Utilizing an IP connection installed in a vehicle, DTS Connected Radio delivers an innovative digital (DAB and HD Radio®) experience by pairing broadcast programming with IP-delivered content. DTS Connected Radio aggregates metadata, such as on-air radio program and talent information, artist and song information, station contact information and more, from broadcasters around the world to deliver an enhanced in-vehicle radio experience.



Yep Collaroy Plateau Park. Was driving past one day, and decided to stop and check it out (as you do)… Its broadcasting from the Mobile Phone Tower next to the carpark there. Theres a small folded dipole sticking out the side, pointing west-ish I think…


Realistically it’s not likely to happen for various reasons (the main one being the two station rule), but personally I think the Wollongong/Nowra markets would greatly benefit from being merged into a single “Illawarra” market…provided that ACMA were to mandate that local content be retained for the South Coast/Highlands relays of 2ST.

At the moment, probably the best things I can say about Wave FM, i98 and 2ST/Power FM is that they’re not owned by either SCA or SRN/BOG. Oh…and the Wollongong stations still have a decent amount of locally generated content, don’t they?


Yes, both Wave FM & i98 don’t take any networked programming that I know of. For instance, during drive, both stations have local programming, and even 97.3 ABC Illawarra has a local program during that time as well. Contrast this to the Central Coast, where they have 3 commercial stations, but only 1 is local after 4pm, whilst further up in Newcastle (where KO has rebranded to Triple M as of today), none of the commercial stations have local programming after 5pm, leaving 1233 ABC Newcastle & 2NUR to be the only major stations having that kind of programming at that time of day.

So yes, I agree that we should be thankful that neither of the Illawarra/Shoalhaven/Southern Highlands’ commercial radio stations are owned by SCA, because the last thing we need is more Triple M and/or Hit branded stations taking the same music logs as many of its other regional stations.


I’m really interested to see what becomes of the ACMA’s review of the LAPs for Brisbane and Perth early next year. Are they just going through the motions and nothing will change (except perhaps frequency reallocation), or is the unthinkable going to happen - new FM licences?

Other countries are still launching new FM stations so why not here?

A couple of possibilities (maybe remote, but still).

An additional FM for Perth - another station is justified based on population growth.
An additional or more likely a conversion FM for Brisbane (if they find space with a frequency reallocation - eg snaffle 94.1 from the GC). Brisbane already has 8 commercial stations (but only 4 on FM) so probably not an additional licence but rather a conversion.
Look at an amalgamation for Brisbane and Ipswich LAP. Perhaps a dark horse but it’s happened fore in a fashion with 4IP moving to Brisbane and Ipswich CBD is only about 45km from Brisbane CBD.

What does everyone think? Will something come of it or status quo?


Probably need to address the closure of community station at Esk on 95.9. The city of Ipswich has no community station which is very unusual.


I wasn’t aware that this was QRT. What was the reason?


WaveFM takes The A-List with K&J.


It’s not mentioned on their website, but it used to be listed on there. So I’m guessing they still take it then?

In any case, that would mean i98 is slightly more local than Wave FM.


I wouldn’t be shocked if it was just new community stations. They use up the frequencies to ensure there’s no new competition for the existing commercial stations, all while giving only small niches of the population a good radio choice.

There was a moratorium on new AM/FM licenses for a period of time after DAB launched, that has expired, it’s time to get on with finding and auctioning new licenses in all capital cities and many regional centres.

We seem to too strongly protect minor risks of interference which preserves a large amount of out of area reception, at the expense of choice and diversity in the radio market. They could be far more pro-active in seeking out new frequencies - even if a new Brisbane FM (for example) station had to have a separate frequency in the north and south.


Would be nice to consolidate some ABC’s and tidy up all the frequencies. I will post a plan I think would would later on.


Moe, you’re so right.

Time ACMA stopped caving into the commercial radio industry and looked after listener choice for once in their existence.

The absurd waste of spectrum based on avoiding mutual interference in areas with fortuitous reception of out of area stations needs to be addressed.


Yes I completely agree.