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Russell Crowe??? It’d only work if he’s fighting around the world. :wink::yum::joy:


Godparents live in St Georges off Portrush Rd.

TV points to Grenfell St for the Foothills signal.

I tried the difference on their kitchen radio, Sony handheld. No problem with the Lofty FM signal over Grenfell signal.

It has to be in a location to throw the signal into the deep shadow of the scarp.

It’s more that they’re self help sites, low budget.


Thanks. Was thinking of the ws FM repeater in the lower blue mountains. :slight_smile:

I found a similar situation in Tuggeranong no real need for the FM repeaters. But I did not explore everywhere. WSFM repeaters are also a waste of spectrum. Being so low power too , if say you drive to parts of the coverage area it supposed to cover , the reception isn’t always great. Campbelltown is good example as there are quite a few valleys.


Yes, I agree, WS appear to have those repeaters because they “apparently”’ serve Western Sydney (arising from their AM 1224 origins), but the reality these days is that they don’t serve Western Sydney anymore than the other 5 commercial FM stations.


Went to Dee Why yesterday. Its is a black spot for SWR for the awesome 80s ( as expected). Used tunein radio to cheat.

Raw fm is good there on 88.0, wheres the transmitter? Cant find it on my fancy app. I like there website with multiple streams, not a fan of music though. http://www.rawfm.com.au/tunein/


Collaroy Plateau, I think. This one gets out all over the eastern half of Sydney- provided you can separate 2RDJ on 88.1- so I daresay they are running a tad over 1 watt.


Yes it seems like it. More like 100 to 200 w. Same location as dab repeater maybe?


They have two transmitters covering the northern beaches. One on Warringah Mall 87.6mhz and then the other on the Collaroy Plateau 88.0.
I have receive 88.0 on the car radio at Waterloo.

All are mono except Canberra which broadcast in stereo and believe also have RDS.


I used to be able to get that up here too, though weakly. This was back when RAW on the Central Coast was on 99.1, and before the local Newcastle ones went to air.


@Laoma the SWR stream is back to 64k aac+ (was down to 48k for a while recently).

Its at Collaroy Plateau Park. There’s (or at least was) a single mixed pol antenna on a mobile tower at the southern end of the field.


Thanks Matt86. I did notice SWR sounds better via the stream. Back to 99.9 fm, it would be interesting if they up the power to say 5kw, how good the reach would be. HHH would need to change freq. Possibly the Cronulla station too. Not sure how well swr gets into the Sutherland shire.


As much as I’d like to see that happen, I really can’t, coverage seems pretty good in the intended Blacktown area with a good site at Horsley Park.


Agree. Just a hypothetical question :grinning:


The SWR site at Horsley Park does put out a great signal and can be received well outside of it’s licence area. I have received it clearly on a car radio and on a portable radio in Oatley.

However in it’s licence area there are areas that are shielded from Horsley Park where coverage would be only at a rural grade levels. This includes parts of Blacktown City, and Stanhope Gardens.

At my location in Stanhope Gardens I receive Alive 90.5 from Baulkham Hill much stronger even though I am just outside their licence area but inside the Blacktown licence area.

When I rotate my Omni fm antenna I can null SWR down to noisy stereo signal without RDS, and on my Pure Move it is received at about the same strength as the nationals from Knights Hill.

It could be stronger in this part of the licence area if they were to increase the antenna height from the current 15m to 40m to match the antenna height of Alive 90.5 which is also at similar altitude as Horsley Park.


This is the site of 88.0 Raw Fm, and the Collaroy Plateau translators for Sydney Dab+ according to ACMA.


Yeah, SWR is no problem in Oatley, provided you can get rid of the 2SSR splatter. 2SSR have dropped their modulation levels a tad of late; as a result SWR can be received without splatter on my portables (it was never a problem in the car or on the Sony XDR).

SWR is basically receivable on the car radio throughout Sydney; the upper Northern Beaches, which I don’t frequent very often, is the only weak spot. To the south you can enjoy it as far as Mittagong and Bulli Tops.


Tonight on Blind Date there was a contestant named Caitlyn from Melbourne (contestant No.1 in the photo below).

She said she presented a national radio show six days a week before returning to Melbourne. Is she well known? I can’t seem to remember hearing anyone named Caitlyn hosting a radio show.


Maybe it’s one those “community radio network” shows?


Oh no no no. Caitlin and I went to AFTRS in 2014 and she then moved to Sea FM Hobart and then up to the Gold Coast for a bit. She’s stellar!


So do you know who she is?