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the radio app on alexa is a joke. it works, but when you start it, alexa says “playing on radio app. to stop playing, say alexa stop” (ie… the exact bloody thing you stay to stop alexa playing anything)

when you do say stop, it says “thanks for using radio app”


Severe storms have affected some radio broadcasts on the Sunshine Coast/ Gympie area.

4GY Noosa currently broadcasting dead air; Sunshine FM with a high pitch tone. Classic FM Gympie was dead air but is back now.


4GY 107.1 was dead air for most of the day on/off.


Okay a random request for Melbourne peeps that can get a clean signal from 3NRG in Sunbury on 99.3.

Was listening last night and again today on the car radio and it sounds absolutely woeful.

Not only is there an excessive amount of pumping audio compression from a badly set up single band processor. But there’s way too much top end that sounds like its over-deviating. Any music content with lots of treble sounds all splatty. And there’s virtually no stereo separation.

Can anyone who picks it up well confirm this.


You’re not wrong - I’ve got stereo reception here and it sounds awfully compressed. (As I type this, that treble splatter you mention has just made itself known. Yuck.)

One for another thread, but it’s sad how this station has gone downhill in the past 4 or 5 years.


The latest Music Radio Crossover for Brisbane & Gold Coast has been released by AirCheck: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/aircheck-looks-music-crossover-gold-coast

More than a quarter of Hot Tomato’s playlist is shared with both Sea FM & Gold FM, with Hot Tomato playing more unique tracks than either station.

In Brisbane, hit105 & Nova 106.9 shared nearly 40% of their playlists, whilst 97.3 & hit105 shared just under 20% of their playlists. 4KQ, being an AM station, is by far the most unique of the commercial stations musically, in which they shared only 8% of their playlist with 4MMM.


Interesting to review this come November 2019.


Thought I’d just mention that the 3rd most played song on the airplay charts right now (Loud Luxury- Body) has been on air for a whole year!!



Hey gents if you notice issues with 4GY feel free to send me a inbox and I will look at getting it fixed as the station comes under my area of responsibility


Bad news, I left my Sangean Dt-120 radio on the train.:weary:. But just bought a new one, the good news is the hiss at low volume is no longer there. :grinning:. I really missed it as it performs lot better than my other pocket radios. Mostly for listening to community stations like hhh fm. The different model is a little different with the button arrangements.


You could try ringing the lost property office:

9379 3341

Probably a long shot given the kleptomaniac tendencies of the average rail commuter, but I’d give them a call.


I did submit the form online as well, but might give them a call too.


Another random question, I have heard that if you buy an FM radio from the US it won’t work as well in Australia. It might have been covered on this forum once before so sorry for the duplicate question. I assume we follow Europe.

"Be aware that FM stations in Europe use a different pre-emphasis than those in North America, 75 and 50 microseconds respectively. "

Read more at: http://www.epanorama.net/documents/radio/radio_differences.html

What does this mean if I buy a radio from the US bring to Australia does it impact the reception? Or conversely I go on holidays to the US what problems will my FM radio have there? AM radio is fine you just need to change the step.


Laoma, it’ll make no difference to the reception capabilities of the radio.

The difference in pre-emphasis between the US and here just means that the audio might be slightly more muffled than if it had the correct for Australia 50 microseconds. In reality nearly every radio sold these days has the same de-emphasis for a global market. Only audiophiles would notice. If using a proper tuner with decent speakers!

Have plenty of AM/FM (and some HD!) radios from the US and side-by-side with anything bought locally they sound exactly the same.


yeah you really have to be listening hard and be a audiophile to hear the difference between 50us and 75us… going between 0us and 50us is another story.


101.1 FM 2LT is in fairly good stereo now. Was at my parents house and could receive it.

Katoomba has now officially got 3 commercial fm station. 2LT , The Edge and Move FM.

Should I mention Wollongong again with only 2? Say no more.


Kiama is officially serviced by 4 commercial radio stations, as it’s in both the Wollongong & Nowra licence areas.

However, at the moment, 2ST is not heard well in Kiama, but that could be about to change with the imminent conversion to FM to replace their main 999AM service.


Yeah thats strange, I forgot about Kiama. It will be interesting where 2st will broadcast from.


I will second that.

I bought an Insignia FM / HD Radio in Hawaii in 2016 (US $45), and sound quality is perfectly fine.

Separation is better than most Australian radios due to the crowded nature of the FM dial over there eg. I could detect weak SWR FM Blacktown on 99.9 without any hint of splatter from the local 99.7 Rhema here in Newcastle.


2ST FM would surely have to broadcast from Knights Hill - same as Power, Wave and i98.