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I wonder what awareness is like for them? I don’t know how bad reception is in those areas, but would many people just leave it on the main frequencies and accept a poorer signal?


Same with the Sunshine Coast stations that have activated their Noosa translators.


The transmitter site is actually in the Adelaide CBD for those who aren’t aware. The intended coverage area is the Adelaide Foothills because the foothill suburbs are shaded from the Loftier peak to the east.


Wonder what the coverage is like over Adelaide?

I try 2gn, I did not hear the am frequency let alone 106.1 at Crookwell. I don’t think the Canberra stations mention the Tuggeranong frequencies. Have to listen normally if I go to Canberra 2ca is my choice.

Another group of stations I have to try is 2xl. From memory I think they do mention.


From what I’ve seen of coverage maps and LAPs, coverage of the Adelaide Foothills TXs is very directional to the south and east. With very little to the west and north. Intended coverage suburbs would include Rostrevor, Glen Osmond and down towards O’Halloran Hill.


Yeah it’s interesting the repeater isn’t located nearer to the foot hills. Have not been to Adelaide for years.


I have never been there.

I guess Grenfell St is a good spot for it with a bit of elevation from being on top of a high rise building and can cover the east and south pretty well.


Me neither- unless you count the airport- but I hope to rectify that next year.


I was there in 1991, I think. I remember listening to, here I am baby by ub40, and Marah Carey Emotion I think on safm. Very random. I planned the holiday via Broken Hill with my family (even I was only a kid). Even in those days I liked to play around with the radio. I think I was concerned the am radio would not work well as it could tune into 954 am but what about 960 am? It skipped to 963 am. Ahhh the good old days. It was the first car radio we had with digital tuning.

Back on topic not sure if there were any repeaters then in 91. Without the internet I probably had no way of knowing back then.


It’s perfectly OK to be off topic about radio here on " Random Radio" :smile:

Re 960am, that only existed in the 10kHz spacing days. All Australian digital tune radios would then go from 954 to 963.


Yeah I know. Not sure what I thought, radio were designed for Sydney? Although, if you go back to the early days , some radios use to mark the stations instead of frequencies.


Here is a picture of the FM translator antennas for the Adelaide Foothills that I took while in Adelaide in 2013. Taken from the hotel room we were staying in



You would have had GREAT reception! :smile:

I don’t think I have slept that close to a transmitter before …


your five testicles claim otherwise… :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty much. Nothing like direct line of sight to a transmitter!



Any reason why in Christmas island JJJ is broadcast on 91.7 FM , 100.5 FM , 103.7 FM. All very low power.


There are multiple transmission sites.


Yeah looking at Google maps they seem to be very close to on another. Perhaps it’s easier using the mobile phone towers? Than have one freq to serve the whole island. Be interesting to dx from there.


Potentially the issue is interference with Indonesian broadcasts if they were too high power in that region?


Easy listening favourites …