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When you consider the fact that its mast was located right next to the coast at Windang, that’s not surprising. By comparison, 2 Double 0’s mast was located near Dapto.


4BC still being in AM Stereo was some of Brandon’s work before he left there to go to 4WK, so you can thank him for that also.

Shame he didn’t get to put AM Stereo back on 4BH while he was there, & before it went down the toilet.


I’m not in Brisbane so I don’t know this first hand.

But I believe that 4BC broadcasts the AM stereo “pilot tone” but the content is all in mono.

Total waste of time if that’s the case.


Nah was Steve Exton the ex chief engineer who put it into AM Stereo when they moved to their current Nudgee site and bought the 2 new Nautel XL12’s with Stereo option.
I was fighting my arse off to get a stereo link re-established out to the site to take advantage of the fact 4BC was still AM Stereo, but sadly I was the only one who was excited about AM Stereo been alive and well and was therefore instructed to shut up about AM Stereo… Oh well guess that whats happens when you look at your job as a passion and not just a job and rub people the wrong way…

As for 4BH, both the Harris and Motorola C-QUAM exciters were in the rack but as per above I was not allowed to fix them/ turn them back on. BTW I believe they were removed the day after I left the company
So until they finally read the manual and work out how to fully turn off stereo on the Nautel Exciter, the 25hz Pilot Tone will remain and people’s radios will light up stereo…

PS. When they go to back-up tape they go full stereo… Little thing I did :wink:


I previously lived in country NSW and i found local radio so bad i brought of these sagem internet radios = it cost me almost $500 and you were restriced to the channels it could pull down (this was 14 years ago). it was worth every cent


Moronic management behaviour at MRN. Cutting off their nose to spite their face. One day, it’ll come to pass, likely soon.


You only have to listen to the “quality” of its AM stations in Melbourne to know that! Can’t work out how a company cannot set up an Optimod to run as it should. No idea it seems.

I know that feeling! As age wearies one, you kinda just have to give up and accept that no one in broadcasting management cares a damn about technical stuff. It’s such an annoyance having to pay for the power to run the transmitters too.


Thanks for the mention of AM stereo tuners available to buy @dxer2_2000 and for the Melb Gumtree tuner.

Mention of AM stereo in Japan Youtube video resulted in a related video of a tuner dear to my heart:


However, it’s FM stereo only, least mine is.



Hopefully Tune in will also get this same kind of support, and also for Google Home devices.


I wonder how Alexa knows which station when you say “Alexa, play Triple M”


From your location. Alexa knows all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But I might want a different Triple M - like one without talk. Surely there must be one in the 50+ Triple Ms across Australia :stuck_out_tongue: And if Alexa knows all, she can find it for me!


Maybe. If you ask her nicely. :wink:


“Alexa, play Triple M”

A: “Really. Are you sure?”


the first time you use the app it asks for your postcode.

you can ask for other stations by name. for example if i say alexa, play the ABC it plays 612 for me. but i can say alexa play abc goldfields and it will play abc goldfields.


I was being a bit flippant before, however I just assumed that Alexa used your location based on web address (as displayed with Google) rather than relied on the user to input their postcode.

Just curious - how good is Alexa with alternatives - eg

  • ABC Gippy
  • ABC Gippsland
  • ABC 828
  • 3GI
  • GIFM.


doesnt work


doesnt work

not working

plays gigfm


Beat me to it.


If you have a Google Home device, you should be able to play radio stations already. I tested out ABC Gippsland on mine and it comes up.