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There’s also this map linked to the ACMA database.



I have Android no iOS…

Thanks for links! Wonder how WOW FM works. Two transmitters, different locations same frequency. On Transmitter in St Marys the other in Werrington.

Any reason why you would do this?


The St Mary location is listed as “standby mast”. Every potential broadcast site has to be registered.


Went down to the races at Randwick in Sydney yesterday.

A few of us stayed at the Travelodge. A couple got Room 1422, and I said to them (in a mildly inebriated state of course) that they got the “3XY Room”.

They looked at me like what the hell was I on about, but I wasn’t asked to elaborate.

I think the only room number I’ve ever stayed in that matched an AM or FM frequency was (oddly) 657 (in a Meriton apartment). That didn’t bring back any radio memories.


LOL! That’s why I never throw in any radio references in general conversation with uninitiated citizens…though you admit you took the advice of Uncle Harry.


I don’t normally… I blame the :beer:


https://maprad.io/ this is also very good


Another faux radio dial seen in a movie - FM band massively expanded.



The way regional radio stations are now and the amount of data we can get now, I think in near future there is going to be a lot more people streaming here in Australia.

I have notice in the last few months here that a lot more workplaces are either using Spotify or streaming other radio stations.


So, I bought a new (30 year old) Sony tuner the other day (thanks @dxer2_2000 for the link, really appreciate it)

Haven’t had a proper chance to test it out fully, but noticed this on it here in Brisbane

I know it had been mentioned that 4BC persisted longer than most with AM stereo, but didn’t realise it was still a thing. The only station in Brisbane metro area that set that light off, for those curious

When I get a chance I’ll connect it up properly and see if I can receive @gordo92’s handiwork on 4WK come through here - I can receive it on other (non-stereo) radios so I’m sure I will be able to


So is 4BC still broadcasting AM stereo?


I completely agree with regards to regional radio. With a few exceptions I find it unlistenable. If people turn to streaming the operators and the industry itself only have themselves to blame. The content is what’s killing radio in many places.


If 20 minutes of reception on a Sunday arvo with a ST-JX220A is anything to go by, it would indeed appear they do


New online radio station based in Newcastle. It’s clearly talking up the “local” angle but why then is it named after an old Sydney call sign/slogan? :thinking:


Probably because they couldn’t get the rights to either 2KO or 2NX.

Could’ve gone 2HR.


I agree. That and/or a combination of the Novocastrians running that online radio station having fond memories of 2UW before it became a totally different station on FM?

Mind you, I’m not sure how well the reception of 1107 2UW used to be in Newcastle. But maybe @Radiohead might remember? :slight_smile:


"in the US" is the crucial phrase.

Digital radio was botched there for different reasons to Aus.

I’m glad a fellow member bought the tuner, great work @dxer2_2000 and @tamago_otoko

You may receive 4WK with a quality antenna, or may bring in too much noise for the stereo, will be interesting.

Spot on again @Brianc68, this is good for those who are keen to play radio, let the incumbents run it into the ground then buy the assets. MRN doing a great job of this with MSR and in Bris the double with 4BC.


I wonder why it is happening today and not 30 years ago, are people just different, or is the advertising dollar not there? It is too easy to blame the internet?


All the Sydney commercial AM stations were pretty weak here in Newcastle, they were only marginally listenable indoors with a dedicated long distance radio (with the loop antenna) or car radio. Night skip made them totally unreliable.

Reception was considerably better on the lake, right near the coast or in elevated locations.

Naturally 2WS could not be received at all due to being only 9kHz from the local high power ABC station.

In fact, 2WL had better reception up here.