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Random Question:

If K&J were to retire from radio tomorrow, which Sydney FM breakfast show do you think would become the new Number One?

Would it be Fitzy & Wippa? Or Jonesy & Amanda? Or would 2DayFM see a significant climb?


I think this is the right thread to post this.

Former Sky News and 2GB presenter Chris Smith is making a comeback, this time on Sydney’s TNT Radio.

Oh god, Damien Richardson has a show on there. It’s all far-right conspiracy theorists.

Also has links to RT and clearly has a pro-Russian bent.


WTF is TNT Radio… “Lighting the Fuse for Freedom”?

plus Ross Cameron, Nicola Charles, George Christensen…

Cooker radio!


Obviously our answer to the Genesis Communications Network (which has hours and hours of Alex Jones on its schedules, interspersed with survivalist garbage).

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Maybe it’s Moree’s harsh climate as well…

But probably not.

theres a few factors.

one is the lack of housing. if your looking to start a career in radio you’d want something local so you can live at home and save money as rents are stupid at the moment.

second is lack of job security. theres no guarantee anymore that you can eek out a living in country radio - theres no guarantee a breakfast job in moree or Broken hill won’t be replaced by a statewide breakfast show out of sydney.

I loved my time on air. but chasing the dream is not an option anymore for alot of people


You won’t get paid more than award but job security is nearly guaranteed at a Caralis station. At least while Bill is alive. He definately doesn’t run his stations the same way SCA and ARN do.

Yes you could have the Marcus Paul situation across the network but locals would be pretty outraged and would probably refuse to advertise on the radio.


2 Las Vegas stations KDWN and KXST went dark on the AM band on the 1st of March 2023 ending 47 years of broadcasting and 67 years respectively on the AM band.

The TX site was sold for $40 Million.

The broadcast ends with the US national anthem and then what sounds like slow scan TV then morse code… (I havent bothered to decode it)


Unusual radio dial in Poker Face.

The system is real


They’ve overlooked the usual tuning protocols for American radios

That FM should go up/down in 0.2 mhz steps

That AM should go up/down in 10 khz steps


Plus the US band starts at 530 KHz.


I suppose this is exposing the true radio nerd here, but it’s a real bugbear of mine when TV shows use the wrong frequency styling for fictitious radio stations within their shows.


I wonder if it’s simply to get away from any real (or perceived) resemblance to real life radio stations.


I suspect so, like using a fictitious phone number it might actually be encouraged?


makes sense, could be to avoid any potential legal issues that may arise from stations that exist in the real world. The old TV series The Box was set at a fictional TV station, Channel 12, as at the time 12 did not exist as a real TV channel in Australia. (it does now)


A frequency alone does not imply a reference to a specific station as that frequency would be used by different stations in different areas.

I don’t think anyone watching that show in say Canberra would be naive enough to think that seeing 104.7 on a TV show automatically means their local Hit station.

the general public can be decidedly thick


In most cases, I don’t think that would apply, if it was say just music that was playing. But in this episode, it’s conceivable that stations wouldn’t want to be associated with the content featured, no matter how tenuous the connection.

Maybe not, but some frequencies in the US are fairly iconic. WABC New York (770 AM) comes to mind, as does KIIS Los Angeles on 102.7. Any perceived slight or negative association- whether intentional or not- may attract a suit.