Random Mocks


When Channel 10 Rebranded, what were you guys opinions and ideas for the names of One and Eleven?

I am interested to here because I am doing a project of making a TV Channel and I need some ideas for the sub channels. Any ideas?


Of all those mocks, IMO the 7flix logo looks best. You’ve carried the gradient over from the old logo very well and it nicely complements the circles. I think the other channel logos would look fantastic with gradients too.


I’m surprised Eleven’s rebranding didn’t have a logo something like this


oh god, gotta get my head outta the gutter :joy:


I’m still waiting for someone to make a 10 Peach ident with the music video for Nicki Minaj Anaconda :joy:


I still do not get the peach name!


me either, nothing peachy about watching frasier lol


I agree, to me, Peach, sounds like a name they would give a channel directed towards a Woman-based audience, a bit like 9Honey. It sounds like a show that would contain those Housewives shows, The Bachelor(ette), Cooking shows. I know it does (probably), but yeah, Peach, it doesn’t make any sense. Same type of situation with Boss, but that’s not as bad.


Some Mocks I did for my own little TV Channel

What one do people like the most?

Does anyone have some ideas for the multi channel names?


A reality skewed channel called SixE! and would have a kiwi person doing the V/O


Cooking channel:
Six ate Nine: pun intended :wink:
Eighty-Six: kitchen-talk for taking an item off the menu. Could alternatively be used for a reruns channel (i.e. no longer on the TV menu).

Maybe a channel called SixS for “success”? Business? General programming?


Home shopping channel; 6-sells




Make it happen!


Needs a third person IMO :thinking:


Sticking to 10 SD promo fashion…


I can’t wait until somebody tweets this and then 10 need to release a statement saying it’s not real :joy:

Nice job!


If that was real, I’m sure WIN would never carry the show and take down Sky’s Headline News.


Iv created this idea of if telstra had a sports subscription like optus sport heres some of my creations so far


NRL score graphics for telstra sport also i have realised i wrote 4th even tho nrl only has halves im from melbourne so im only used to the real footy