Random Mocks


It’s to my understanding that ABC Classic will actually get a new logo (was issued with the ABC press release detailing the changes on October 24) and drop the “FM” from the station name on January 21:

But aside from that, not a bad job with the modified logos. RN should actually use a tweaked logo like that IMO! :slight_smile:


That really is cool. I like it.


What a well thought out and executed mock.
Brilliant job!


Great mocks!


A variation on the 10 Bold logo. I would love if they used this, would make much more of an impact. Perhaps a thicker font would also look good.


i like that, could also do it with Peach too .


How exactly? There is no O in Peach.


Just rename it to 10pooch and become Australia’s first channel for dogs


you mean second??


Just for clarification I think they should be the text in the 10 logo circle as well, saves space and not have it blasted on the right hand side.
So 10 and Peach underneath in the circle.
:stuck_out_tongue: of the screen. It would be consistant across teh board.


but then you are merging two logos into one. the whole idea is to create a network beand of 10… with sub brands off that…



Had to add one of my favourite shows to a mock :wink:


Omg please make more mocks with this look.
Brilliant stuff!


Thanks. :slight_smile:


I thought I would try something that actually looked like I put effort into it. This is what I have so far. Mocking a regional studio, and how their [Nine News] current space could be used better. I made the desk a similar style, but different to their National sets.


Do you have this template anywhere please?


A Seven Back to the Future Rebrand?

News Graphics


Nice job!


I so want Seven to bring back the Circle 7 logo


Hey, that’s interesting, I had a similar idea way back earlier in the year taking elements of the current and old logo and going for black for some things, but I like your execution of the sub-brands better! Looks nice! :+1: