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My OCD would like to highlight the following





If Imparja ever wanted to adopt network branding like SCA, they could always try the Gold Coast and NBN route since they overlap with some regional areas. They might as well go for it.

Edit: Added Central North and South


Just abit of fun. Some channel seven mocks.


SCA’s 7 Darwin News Update with the SA News theme. Sounds more bulletin-like than the noodle update sting and they presumably own rights to the music already.

Seven & Nine News (SCA)

Yay or nay? (for the main channel)


Make some more mocks with this theme and then I’ll say whether i like it or not :wink:

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  • Nay

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Just a quick one i snapped up.



That shade of red is great too.


Thought i’d try a different type of VO on the 10 News First intro


Me too! But I thought I’d speed it up a bit. e.g “Sydney, this is 10 News First, with Sandra Sully”.


Wow that sounds great! I prefer this to what they currently use!


Do they have the same woman doing the VO? Melbourne and Brisbane sound much more natural than Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. Not just because the orders have been edited, the way she says “sYdNeY” especially sounds like old Siri.






Although I’m still nowhere near as good as @SydneyOnAirTV in this department, here’s a refreshed WIN Local News idea:

Somewhat Prime7-esque with the brand and a “Generic Regional Issues” story on Interrelate airing during the Illawarra edition of WIN Local News, I know! :slight_smile:

Still trying to think of good ideas for the Opener, Headlines & Full Screen Transitions.


Inspired yet again, this time by use of the regional studio for the Melbourne bulletin. Proves that the CGI “set” is completely unnecessary and a realistic-angled local skyline is all that’s needed (Bendigo from Rosalind Park Tower for this example). Presenter would ideally be sitting centre frame too.

Apologies for halo around Jo. Thanks to @Abesty for the original cap.

Plus a very crude attempt at replicating NBN’s on-screen OTS.


Perfect! That’s exactly what I think we should be seeing on the regional bulletins.
Ideally, it would be good if they could either:
A) Have a variety of pictures from the location that progressively get darker that they can use as the bulletin goes on, and at different times of year.

B) Have the ability to show a proper live backdrop.

C) Have a pre-recorded video loop that also can be adjusted based on the level of darkness needed (as 7 News does in Regional QLD).

I feel that the OTS is definitely something that is absolutely needed too.


Woah! Baby steps, let’s not overwhelm them! Pitch the small things they can do for free first! :joy: