Random Mocks


10 News First theme… I’m still not warming to it. It needs something extra to make it less generic sounding and more unquestionably 10. I’ve been playing around with the theme to try and enhance it and while this is far from perfect, I think it would be a step in the right direction:


Yep, that’s how the 10 Boss logo (let alone the watermark) should’ve looked like IMO!

Great idea! Here’s my take on the concept, partially inspired by the “Available in Widescreen/HD” graphics the commercial networks used during the 2000s:

…and for anyone out there who’s having withdrawal symptoms, a 10 HD watermark:

I see (or more to the point, hear) what you’re trying to do but it’d probably need to sound less “synthetic” for it to actually work on a news bulletin.


Yes, of course :slightly_smiling_face:. I didn’t want to go to the trouble of hiring a real orchestra :wink: :rofl: unlike what 10/CBS would (should) do :slight_smile:


just slap on some reverb and sidechain that shit doesn’t that always work lmao

but seriously, just glide the notes, up the amount of release maybe and she’ll be right!


I like them!


10 News live.rV-66AST_400x400%20copy

I just quickly made this in Preview (I know, not very good)


Perhaps it would be a good concept for Ten Sport to use - a snooker ball then the word sport underneath


What about this for a 10 Boss Logo?


Not bad, but I think the “10” inside the “O” needs to be a bit bigger, otherwise it’d be too difficult to see in small sizes.



Why not replace the Boss font O with a red version of the actual 10 logo?


I used the 10 logo used in the current 10 Boss logo…


I meant replace the entire O with the complete 10 logo in the circle.



Something like this?




7 Darwin News Update with 7 News theme music


For some reason in my head before I clicked play I heard this version of the 7 News theme, wonder if SC could use it…


Wondering if someone could make this into a actual legit mock…


My OCD repositioned the PRG text.