Random Mocks


Now that’s just silly.

The WIN 5 is far too right-aligned.


OR if it did become WIN 10 in the future



how do you mean?


You could bring the text over to the left, cover Western Australia a little better. That’s really the only thing that bothers me about these mocks.


Like this?


Not bad, although I wonder what “5” (Northern NSW/Gold Coast) would look like? :wink:


Please stop


does any one have the clear win tv map that used be on when win was a 9 affliate please:) going to try and make a mock of win and 10 logos:)


Justified. Magnificence.


i agree


Very classy. But I’d stay clear of the black “8 ball” or was that intentional? :slight_smile:

That could make a good promo I suppose - the 8-ball knocking 7 and 9 out of the way



Could use the British channel 5 logo :stuck_out_tongue:


In my hypothetical, WIN buys LCN 8 from Nine/NBN for a ground breaking $851 billion dollars.


Everywhere else it has been associated with different numbers. At least 8 matches its Channel number (or with a 5 version for NNSW) which makes sense and better than Prime7 and (SC) 9 which are not on 7 or 9.


Yep. We’ve got ‘Nine on 5’ in most regions. ‘Eight on 5’ isn’t that big of a deal.


Or just rebrand to 5 in that area and 8 elsewhere. The mocks look awesome


Yeah, nah… looks a bit too lottery eh?


Exactly what I would have preferred they do.

Maybe 01 for 1?


With 10Boss now adopting a full circle in place of the O in their logo, I believe this is a slight improvement and more efficient use of space.


The new 10 branding has removed the HD symbol from LCN 13. I suggest they could add an SD symbol to LCN 10 as part of the return graphics; it could fade away after a minute or so. Also add to the PRG a re-tune message to remind viewers to tune to the HD channel.