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more likely:


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At least their graphics would actually be readable!


Following on from my 10XP Mock above, here’s a peek at the shows set. It would utilise The Project Studio in Melbourne, with some simple tweaks. more to come.

A Big thankyou to @GradyACN for his The Project Sketchup file!


Love your TenXP mocks. Travis. Such great simplicity and blends very well. I do like the way the studio is layed out in that image. What software do you use to do thee studio layouts?


Thank you. The bones of the set was designed by Grady (well, recreated as its the project set), I just made it work for this show.

Here’s the set with a soft alternative


BBC News 24 music on the original ABC News 24 look…
(credit to @TV.Cynic and @SydneyCityTV for the clips)


you mean bbc news not bbc news 24
since it got rebreanded in 2008


Awesome job. I’d love to hear that BBC News music mixed with the old ABC news theme. That was iconic and should be brought back


Just an idea


So much cleaner! Well done.

Peronsally though, I’m over all the white supers that all networks (apart from TEN) use. Bring back some colour!



Need to flesh the idea out a bit more - but I was thinking they could transition the brand to be aligned with the news.com.au style -


Inspired by the “Leading Hour of News & Current Affairs” Promos which seemed to air on Nine (and possibly Sydney radio in an audio-only form) most weekdays from around the Late '80s until the mid-2000s:

Of course since Nine News runs for an hour these days, I had to modify the tagline slightly! :slight_smile:


Been lurking around here for ages and have decided to post for the first time. A mock I made if Fox Sports ever got a Clean Feed for the NHL from the US Broadcasters. Would love some feedback!


Not bad, although the time/scoreboard graphic is a bit on the large side.


Found this one on Vimeo.


Yeah I thought so - but compared to the US it’s a bit smaller!


Simple, on-trend, and clean. Well done.


Some Channel Ten AFL Graphics I made to follow Cricket and Rugby

So Basically my plan would be Super Saturday. Super Saturday Anchor Preview then to an Afternoon Game then News, Before the Bounce Preview Show then a Sat Night game. Twilight game shown on One. So Ten could grab 3 of Fox’s games and ch 7 could still have the current game

Ten Sport