Random Mocks


Looks amazing! Fresh and needs to happen, I agree!


Had this random idea for a rebrand of 9Honey



Needs to be red, eh. :canada:


suppose so! but then you don’t see 9Honey in red and yellow colours (spain, supposedly the first place humans interacted with bees)


Red + bonus (love photoshop custom shapes!)


My photoshop skills are becoming better. I thought I would design a new title for WIN News


Of course these mocks (well, more like re-edits: Thanks to @abesty & @TV.Cynic for the original screencaptures! :slight_smile:) aren’t quite broadcast quality, but I figured it was still worth having a go at imagining how the Nine News branding could be incorporated on NBN:

Ideally there would be separate “Mid North Coast” and “Far North Coast” versions (rather than the “North Coast” one I had to settle on) and of course a “Newcastle/Hunter” version of the titlecard, but those edits are about the best I can do without access to the actual fonts used in the current Nine News graphics package.

I’m not sure how the “NBN” text could be incorporated in other Nine News logo elements (which I presume would have to be done for the benefit of the Gold/Central Coast viewing areas) without looking awkward though…


I think those examples show the best way to wrap up this transition once and for all.


why the 9 news graphics and not Ten’s?


Having given it a bit more thought, I think leaving off the “.com.au” element to just have the Nine News logo and the “NBN” logo text underneath might work better for the supers/watermark:

Enough of a distinction for the overlap viewing areas and also allows Newcastle to continue using their heritage callsign, without looking too visually busy. And of course the globe would rotate instead of being a static image.

Maybe something like this (just a pity I couldn’t find a high quality blue Nine News logo where the “S” wasn’t slightly cut off though) could work for when a stacked/vertical version is required for things like social media DPs and mic flags?







Trying to Nine-ify the current Imparja logo


I think they should just add an extra watermark to a dirty feed, and co-brand the channels.

It’s a huge waste of their low funds to be trying to do what WIN used to - all to call the channel ‘IMP’ instead of Imparja.


Although if the watermark was going to be that thin and small, why not place it just under the ⋮⋮⋮9 logo?


It’s a good idea. There’s more chance of that happening than full blown dotty IMP. But I miss the days of multiple Nine affiliate brands. It’s getting boring now with all the same pres across all regions. I think if Imparja is going to wear the cost of redoing promos and using clean feeds, then they should do a logo that is the right dimensions so it can fit in with Nine’s current package.


** Brisbane and Sydney.

Although they do show your news on Gem.


Would there be enough room for them to put “Imparja” to the side like Nine do with the “Gold Coast” tag on QTQ?

If the “.com.au” wasn’t on the Nine News watermark they could do “on Imparja” beneath the logo.