Random Mocks


Mock DAB+ Slideshow Images for Sydney’s 2CH - promotional image style was obviously inspired by what their former sister station is using.

I know Gareth McCray (breakfast presenter before the Indira Naidoo/Trevor Sinclair duo started on April 30) is currently taking a break from 2CH but since there was still a transparent image of him on the station’s website, I figured that I might as well do one for him:

The only reason I haven’t done a promotional slide for Mardi Cole (weekend presenter) is because there aren’t any decent, high quality photos of her online! Aside from that, I think everyone’s covered.


Here is my first crack at doing a real photoshop mod.

This mock rebrand of Imparja is designed to be flat and sleek, like the current Nine brand but the watermark is designed to be more Seven esquire.



Imparja Pride - promotional logo used during pride events

In program watermark (top right)


Yes indeed.




Not to be a bit cocky but this might just be the actual logo they go for


How do you upload videos by the way? Mine says the file is not supported


You have to upload it to youtube or another file sharing site then link it to here.


If ten were to retain the ‘eyewitness’ branding and use Sports tonight graphics package. I could see this look being implemented in the overall ten network presentation. More to come…


Eyewitness looks very out of place. If they were to keep it, Id put it inside the box somehow.
… Or just drop it all together.

Now that we know they took inspiration from CBS, I’m expecting the Ten News relaunch to look similar to CBS news…


Agreed, the eyewitness does look out of place. I’ve always thought Ten Eyewitness News would be a good name for a more comprehensive 60 minutes like bulletin.

Man I hope this becomes a reality one day :heart_eyes:


I’ll be interested to see some more mocks based on Sports Tonight. I agree with everyone, I’d love to see a Ten News version.


Someone asked for a relaunch similar to CBS News?


This is so well polished! :heart_eyes: I’ve been watching some CBS Evening News videos recently and have been wondering how they could implement the same style across to Ten, maybe a colour pallete swap and some modifications, but that looks great!

“Ten News At Five” also sounds like a much better title, though I wonder if CBS will take their influence a step further by relaunching the 5.00pm bulletin as “Ten Evening News” if a bulletin expansion is planned, similar to how Seven adopted the “Nightly” name like it’s American counterpart NBC, but perhaps that’s wishful thinking. :thinking: Wondering what the real relaunch will look like now! :slightly_smiling_face:


FUCK! That is great. That theme tune and the quick FIRST AT FIVE text flashes fits right in. SO modern! I think the Ten News logo could do with some refinement, but otherwise - put this to air!


This is unreal. Love it.


Holy heck. Best mock I’ve seen …


That is beautiful. The only changes I can imagine are red to blue and perhaps a CBS-inspired version of the Aussie theme instead of straight to the CBS theme (risk of NIMBYs complaining “too American”). But that package is good enough to go to air! Well done!


I think that theme tune is perfection. No need to aussie-fy it.


I agree. The four note signature theme has been part of Ten’s news brand since 1994 and is at this point probably as “irreplaceable” as the signature tunes for the news services on the other channels, so it’s probably best to make a CBS-inspired theme with the four notes rather than disrupting the market with something completely new. We still all remember what happened when Seven News tried to replace familiar theme music in 2014 (although I daresay that didn’t last the distance because the replacement wasn’t a very good theme in general), don’t we?

Aside from that, @msheldrick’s mock is great! :slight_smile:


I cant stop watching this. So good! Ten please do this