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If 10’s Late News…


Can make a return…


What’s not to say Sports Tonight can’t either (again) at some point? :saluting_face:



Stumbled across this mock on Youtube, swapping the RTL United symbol in their recreated 1999-2001 package. Of course this isn’t mine, but LOOK AT IT. It looks slightly better than the original too IMO.


came back to this idea and refined it


Bit too small, but overall I like the style.


Like the design but yes too small and needs more spacing in some elements


Would the clock change for each timezone as it currently does?


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Inspired by a dream a couple days ago (and @Sifon’s fantasies)… :doughnut:

“I hope you’re prepared for an unforgettable nostalgia trip!”


‘Good Lord, what is happening in there?’


If Disney buys 10 with Disney+ and ESPN on 10. That would work

Experimenting with Today (Extra) on the new 9 News supers, moving the arch higher to make it sit more comfortably in horizontal… Also the full-size super just didn’t make sense when I tried to jam the subheading next to it, so I shrunk it to the size of the current Today supers.

The tag in its original size, for comparison. Looked okay here, but failed when adopting it to the Sam Rubin headline. Both layouts need to cut the weather out BTW.


I’m not a fan with that logo. Also it’s missing the weather graphic.
Incorporate this logo with the Nine News current graphics.

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Why do we still need the weather graphic in 2024???


I like the orange logo bug, but yes should use the other logo IMO. That one looks a bit dated.


I would also add that I would avoid yellow on white for the Today Extra variation. Its too low contrast and could cause accessability issues.


After a long and difficult time, and given the continued changes and tinkering on the BBC News Channel, I decided to get going with this random mock with updates and a look at the openers.

Generic TOTH Sequence

First of all, as in the previous version of the mock, no more globe, but a change on the opener sequence: still real-time, but, after getting quite an inspiration with @MichaelPower’s idea on the TOTH, plus a promo which began surfacing on the UK feed on how to get BBC News on multiple platforms. This led me to make a change and go for a Sky News-style TOTH sequence, which will be structured similarly.

However, the rest of this remains:

News Channel and Show Program Titles

BBC Breakfast would just have a minor update: in V1 of the current titles, the BBC News expanded logo featured at the start, but, eventually, it did not appear on the final V2 of the opener. This update would involve the full BBC News logo at the start, and fully collapsing to reveal the BBC Breakfast logo.

As for the BBC News Channel’s “circle” openers, I decided to make them a bit more attractive and less earmarked into the guidelines of the BBC Chameleon brand. Even if the animations remain the same, the end-boards have gotten a facelift to give the package more “oomph”. For example, Verified Live has the BBC Verify brand all over it, The Context brings back the former Outside Source logo (although modified) and World News America gets its star logo again.

Additional examples also involve a possible return of Asia Today as a Singapore-produced news block focused on Asian stories (based on the This is India branding), Business Today getting a proper, business-style sequence based on the existing designs and The Week in Markets, a proper end board for Sportsday (the open would still be the same), and a proper opener for the very controversial Nicky Campbell simulcast in the UK feed (in this case, named after its proper talkback segment, Voice of the UK), which is now airing more irregularly.

Musically, News Now would reuse the Live with Lucy Hockings theme, Verified Live would take on the theme music David Lowe produced for BBC Arabic TV for its talkback segment Nuqtat Hewar, and Asia Today would use the original Impact Asia theme music for their intros.

For other domestic shows, such as Newsnight, The Catch-up and the political programming, these would be tweaked with the expanded BBC News logo pasted in the openers (Newsnight just gets a BBC logo over up).

For the long-form shows, content directly related to current affairs would all have a similar style visually: in fact, HARDtalk would a new opener since 2007 (actually, repurposing the former “The Daily Global” opener, but including more imagery of guests participating on the show). Other shows would have some tweaks to make their own openers more palatable.

For shows directly produced and/or distributed by BBC Studios, these would only have the BBC logo over up, and these would have their own style if needed.

Nations and Regions

The nations’ news programs would now mirror the brand identity system of each of the BBC’s national broadcast centres (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), but the idea is to retain a strong link with the BBC News corporate branding in most cases. Coloring and openers will vary in most cases, but all the nations would use the rest of the system (supers, full-screen graphics, etc.), but with appropriate coloring if it is needed.

Over in Scotland, Reporting Scotland and The Seven would now use the same opening titles (albeit with the logos of each show) and the existing David Lowe music from Reporting Scotland, with the BBC Scotland’s purple as key component of the new look. The decision to unite them is due to the ongoing retrenchment of BBC Scotland’s TV news output, with The Nine and most news programming axed, leaving just Reporting Scotland and The Seven. The title sequence would be paced similarly to those of The Seven, with imagery being projected into the 3D sculpture used for Radio Scotland’s visualizers and communication.

Wales Today is based on the former BBC Cymru Wales curtain raiser, given the presentation based on the old front cap is still being used for the broadcast centre’s communication (including Radio Wales). Given it is a short opener, it would feature a cube-based logo with the Welsh Dragon inside, and a shot of Central Square; the square would open up as a wipe to reveal the news studio.

As for Newsline in Northern Ireland, it would repurpose the Radio Ulster design as a “prismatic” look at Northern Ireland scenery, with the Giant’s Causeway panorama leading to the reveal of a new, 80s-style logo based on the former Inside Ulster title sequences from before.

An Là would now feature a News Channel-style opener, with the cross device used by BBC Alba used for projecting scenery of rural Scotland and Gaelic-speaking towns and communities. No more cumbersome “BBC Naidheachdan” inside a box: the An Là titles feature the “Naidheachdan” precisely to reinforce the fact it is “the” Scots Gaelic news program, and the BBC Alba logo is present to reinforce it is BBC Alba’s news program.

Otherwise, Newyddion S4C would retain its existing open and James Rea’s theme music, but with added BBC Cymru logos (worth noting the TV broadcast is still solely coordinated by the BBC as part of S4C’s charter, but the website is directly controlled by S4C and features not only BBC reporting sourced from its Welsh website BBC Cymru Fyw, BBC Radio Cymru and the TV program, but also from ITV Cymru Wales, news magazine Golwg and its digital news service Golwg360, and some original reporting).

English regions, by its own way, would get an opener reminiscent of the “Across the UK” stinger, but in a style very similar to the existing BBC regional intros. The wave patterns in the designs are taken from BBC Local Radio’s branding (recolored red instead of the magenta used by radio); as part of the budget cuts inside the corporation, the Local Radio and TV newsrooms have been increasingly mutualized and, as a result, the waves inside the look reflect the increased integration between Local Radio and regional news.

And finally…

Some templates that can be customized for special reports and events, plus a Breaking News slide generated RT through playout, in order to generate it during the time it is needed, so to attract viewers and allow teams to work on first reports.

And we’re over for now: next up will be going forward with additional graphics and elements (including pushbacks), but, for now, a look at how the Election adapts the mock, with the app advertisement replaced by a small-scale vidiprinter:


great work! I love how well thought out everything is, and looks much more cohesive and confident than how BBC News currently looks.

It really is time for that globe to go, it’s outlived its welcome, and is one of the only things on BBC News that STILL uses Gill Sans in its titles (the location names)

I think it’s a good idea to make the nations bulletins more unique, the Chameleon system has that flexibility to allow more character while keeping some form of uniformity.