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I much prefer the version from @Travis above with the somber version of the current theme, but since it was bought up in the Sunrise topic earlier in the week I decided to have a go with the 1999-2004 theme.


Love it!


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Now, that’s interesting, as I greatly prefer your version. No offence to @Travis whose work is great as always - I just think that somber theme is a bit depressing, especially at 5am.

And you’ve proven me wrong about that theme! Would still work well today. :sunglasses:

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Something I spun up for April Fools day for the Transport Blog I run.

I converted it for the morning to be car news based.

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quick proof of concept - the 2017 Good Morning Britain theme with the Sunrise Early News opener


Still too happy for mine.

Reimagining Newshub by Stuff - I really should have a better use of time…

The supers was based on the ones they used (like this one), while the colour palette is also based on theirs. I just wanted to play with Stuff’s S symbol for the ‘new’ brand, so I risked reading the name as “NEW HUB” and placed it in the middle of the condensed wordmark.

For the LIVE bug, I really don’t like how the place names are much tinier than the main tag:

So I made it in the style of the supers.

Knocked up a no-frills backdrop inspired by the horizontal wipes at the end of their videos, with an Auckland photo from Unsplash. Fonts taken from Stuff’s CSS codes (not sure if it’s appropriate to share them here though - please correct me if it’s not!).

As for Sky News Australia taking the gig, I think BNZ already has an idea…

A cursed style swap - Carlton 1993 and CBS 1995. Always thought the two had a similar style and vibe (trying to be more relatable by including human faces to their IDs), so I swapped their respective symbols, but otherwise followed the original designs (adopted in places like replacing the 888 subtitle command in UK with US’ CC sign).

Have at me.