Random Mocks




Nine’s logo is timeless, as others have said.

Change the presentation’s fonts, colours, animations, etc., but keep the logo as-is (basically, 3D/glossy tweaks are of course fine).

Plus (dare I say), almost always the biggest problem isn’t a logo, it’s what a company is selling - unappealing content, too much tabloid rubbish, annoying (non-transparent) on-screen advertising/promotion bugs, etc.


A concept for 7 news


I really like that, not only because it’s good and well made, but because I could see Seven using that realistically.


Probably the direction seven should take IMO


Great mock Travis :slight_smile: Could see Seven using that.


Nice implementation of Raycom graphics.


Yes that was the inspiration, but created to fit 7 news.


I like it too, the only thing I would change is the logo utilising the ‘newer’ 7 News logo which is bolder.


Some more graphics


Can you widen it out a bit? There should no longer be a need to to restrict it to the 4:3 safe area.


Found myself inspired to whip up some Seven News mocks too!


Abit of fun with a Nine Rebrand :slight_smile:


Remember those mock DAB+ Slideshow Images I did for 2CH a while back? Well here’s an updated version to accommodate for the presenter changes which have been made since then:

Also while I’m at it, a “Now Playing” slide - obviously the album covers would go where the green square is with track info to the side of that:


Last but certainly not least, an updated version of the logo because 2CH are now playing “Classic Hits” instead of “Easy Classics” and also because they really like pushing the fact they’re in stereo on DAB+ Digital Radio:


Comments & constructive criticism welcome, as per usual.


I like it


Just look at that blur that fooled me! “The internet’s still buffering…”


This is seriously good! Would look even better with the new 9 logo you mocked up :wink:


Thanks guys :slight_smile:


To me, the presenter images look “old-fashioned”. I think the outlined names would be better as a solid colour text.


Awesome, I can even the animations would be that the upcoming show circles would expand from the circles in the logo (not sure if that’s how you imagined it)