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Love the Breeze.


That’s a great set of quality music.


That’s why they’re a great station to listen to for their variety of music :+1:


I could not agree more.

Absolutely love that Keane song. I haven’t heard that song on Australian radio for years.


“Little Jeannie” by Elton John is a great song of his that other stations ignore :confused:


it gets played a bit on Smooth Perth


Hey all, just a little bit of a impromptu program tonight, from coming back late from visiting family today. Thought I would pull together a somewhat bit of a fun early 80s disco mix, this was much of the stuff I listened to on my mixed tapes during 1980 to 1982. Hope you’ll enjoy it. Program goes to air on the fresh mix dot com from 20:00 hours tonight Australia Eastern Standard time.

01 - Arabesque - Buggy boy (RCA)
02 - Dooleys - Chosen few (GTO)
03 - Telex - Rock around the clock (RCA)
04 - Dollar - Love’s gotta hold on me (Acrobat)
05 - Nolans - I’m in the mood for dancing (Epic)
06 - Arabesque - Hell driver (RCA)
07 - Dollar - I wanna hold your hand (Acrobat)
08 - Dooleys - Love patrol (GTO)
09 - Kim Hart - Love at first night (EMI)
10 - Christie Allen - Magic rhythm (Mushroom)
11 - Kelly Marie - Feels like I’m in love (PRT)
12 - Luv - My number one (Philips)
13 - Arabesque - In for a penny (in for a pound) (RCA)
14 - Doris D and the Pins - Shine up (Utopia)
15 - A La Carte - Farewell farewell to carlingford (RCA)
16 - Sheena Easton - 9 to 5 (EMI)
17 - Lime - Your love (let it shine)
18 - Nolans - Gotta pull myself together (Epic)
19 - Voggue - Dancin the night away (Mercury)
20 - Dollar - Hand held in black and white (WEA)
21 - Nolans - Attention to me (Epic)
22 - Bucks Fizz - The land of make believe (RCA)
23 - Tight Fit - The lion sleeps tonight (Jive)
24 - Sheena Easton - Just another broken heart (EMI)
25 - Karen Knowles - Love on the line (Fable)
26 - Bucks Fizz - My camera never lies (RCA)
27 - Tight Fit - Hearts of stone break hearts of glass (Jive)
28 - Maisonettes - Heartache avenue (RCA)
29 - Tight Fit - Just a moment away (Jive)
30 - Tracey Ullman - Breakaway (Stiff)
31 - Divine - You think you’re a man (Shake)
32 - Carol Lynn Townes - Believe in the beat (Polydor)
33 - Dollar - Sugar sugar (London)


I missed the show I created a youtube music playlist to listen back.

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Pretty happy with this lot on the Breeze - they even found a U2 song I don’t hate :slight_smile:


91FM Saigon

Thursday, 21 September 2023
4.05 - 5AM (4 to 4.05 is jingles and radio schedule for the day) (Music are played continuously, no jingles or sweepers, only 2 to 3 voicetrack at most)

New Soul - Yael Naim (:heart:)
Trust In You - Lauren Dingle (!)
Nothing In The World - Atomic Kitten
Nothing Like You - David Barnes
No Vacancy - OneRepublic
Our God - Chris Tomlin (:open_mouth:)
Quit - Cashmere Cat ft. Ariana Grande
Reminding Me - Shawn Hook ft. Vanessa Hudgens
Shake It Out (Acoustic) - Florence + The Machine
(They Long To Be) Close To You - The Carpenters (*Shazam said that it’s the 1991 remix version)
I’m Not Her - Clara Mae
She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
Side To Side - Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj
Hotline Bling - Drake

Here’s few things to deal here: Old-time style radio programming style still lingers somewhat even in the most commercial-ish radio network like 91fm in Vietnam. I have heard several instance where they just simply take the songs from Youtube and played it out, and in a few cases it caused end credit voiceover could be even heard uncut. They do have own music library, but because most of the programming are under presenters’ autonomy, so often they would pick songs from Youtube and import to the network’s music library. That’s why the log above may look a bit strange to you.

91fm doesn’t record the log, so I have to manually record the log with the help of Shazam add-on on Chrome (tbh, Shazam on my phone is having some problems that they couldn’t identify any song - doesn’t know why). Also, they would never advertise themselves as “Vietnam’s best music mix” or something, but rather “Information on every kilometers”, which make it even more odd to your ears. This is because the network was initially all-traffic service, and still primarily carry traffic infromation (especially during high peak time, but entertainment programming would fill the rest), and the music choice above is because they’re targeting the broad demographics of “car drivers”, which, in Vietnam, are primarily young adults to middle-aged.

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The variety on Breeze just can’t be beat - for a commercial station at least. And it all just flows - new and old songs.


91fm (Nationwide - Vietnam)

Sunday, 17th September 2023
7 - 8PM
The Nostalgic Songs (Music of the forgotten era)

How to read: Original song name in English (original singer, excluded if it’s unknown) - Song name in Vietnamese, excluded if there’s no name (singer in Vietnamese)

We Don’t Need Another Hero (Tina Turner) - (Bảo Yến)
Saving All My Love For You (Whitney Houston) - Tình Em Trao Anh (Nhã Phương)
Kokoro No Tomoto - Tạm biệt tình yêu (Nhã Phương)
Papa (Paul Anka) - (Hồng Nhung)
You Shot A Hole In My Soul (C.C. Catch) - (Thanh Lam) (cut from a long medley/mashup of songs - therefore it’s only a minute long)
L’aventura - Lãng du (Thanh Lam)
The Shadow Of You Smile - Bóng Dáng Nụ Cười (Thu Hà)

A long rant/note: I typically don’t compile logs during this program because the program mostly consists of obscure Vietnamese songs (which is why I write “music of the forgotten era” next to the program name). However, I decided to log the “playlist” this time because the episode on that night is all about “foreign music with Vietnamese lyrics”. Due to the historical reasons, foreign music was quite hard to be “imported” to Vietnam, so the music industry has created an “intermediate” by re-using foreign melodies/songs but has Vietnamese lyrics. One of two presenters of The Nostalgic Songs, Minh Đức, said that this was how many people - including himself - got access to the “foreign” music when they were young. The words from him really melt my heart: Right now it’s so easy to get access to the “original” versions of foreign songs in real quick, when you have the smartphone, so you guys may feel “normal”, but when rewinding to back in the day, it’s very precious because if it’s not listening to radio, then you guys have to go to a tape store that may took a time to get a tape you want. Many older people, because they had been exposed to the “Vietnamese lyrics” version of these songs, are still prefer that version, even if they may have heard the “original” version so many times. That is, in his word, being extreme in a cute way.

For me, that’s truly The Nostalgic Songs - where music from the forgotten era really alive again. (an ally of The Breeze AU, I think?) @myfriend

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