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To each their own but not loving that at all.

Not one of those songs is adventurous or has any sort of wow factor. All have been played to death IMO.

I was recently looking at The Sound playlist from NZ and for me it’s just so much better.


I agree. I envy the good folks of NZ that have such a wide choice of radio stations covering various genres, even in smaller places such as Queenstown & Wanaka. :slight_smile:


In NZ there’s more than 15 commercial stations in most places, so to stand out from the crowd you need to do something different.

I think you’ll find the MMM format is a “holding pattern” one with 350 or so songs for the start of the new year and when everyone is back, it will broaden out and move around a bit.


It would really need to :slight_smile:
I couldn’t listen to that for very long at all.


I could, and I did! :stuck_out_tongue:


Had a listen to Coles Radio today, i’m not sure whether the playlists are different from state to state (doubt it), but the fact that they have streams for different states makes me wonder. Unfortunately, I can’t access the streams right now so can’t verify on that. Anyway, here is a playlist during part of the afternoon program known as ‘The Studio’ which is usually hosted out of Brisbane by Miriam Young but it seemed to be someone else today.

Coles Radio (VIC)
’The Studio’
31 December 2018
3:30pm - 4:30pm (AEDT)

Lovely Day - Bill Withers
Give Me One Reason - Tracy Chapman
Tucker’s Daughter - Ian Moss
Way Too Long - Keith Urban
Whole Again - Atomic Kitten
Right Here Right Now - Jesus Jones
All Summer Long - Kid Rock :rage: :face_vomiting: :-1:
Angel Of The Morning - Juice Newton
Walk Alone - Rudimental/Tom Walker
Hammerhead - James Reyne :+1:
Cruise Control - Headless Chickens :+1:
Love Lost - Temper Trap (haven’t heard this in a while)
Video Killed The Radio Star - The Buggles
We Are Never Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift :rage: :face_vomiting: :-1:
Solitary Man - Neil Diamond
True Tears Of Joy - Hunters ane Collectors :+1:

It’s a playlist with a couple of songs I really like, and a couple I strongly despise. It is sort of expected with this station though, you would have to have something for everyone seeing as it’s played in major supermarkets.


First time in a long time I’m not working NYE so I’ll be out listening to some stations and posting their logs :+1::grin:


First up:

2GN Goulburn "Jukebox New Years Eve"
31st December 2018
7:15ish-8pm EDST

Playing to Win - LRB
Well All Right - Santana
Treaty - Yothu Yindi
Rock n Roll Music - Mental As Anything
Miss Divine - Icehouse
The Gambler - Kenny Rogers
I Love Rock n Roll - Joan Jett
When The Lights Go Out - Five
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart - Elton John and Kiki Dee
How Do I Live - Trisha Yearwood
Keep Your Hands To Yourself - Georges Satellites
(sweeper about Farewell 2017…oops)
Sweet Sweet Love - Russell Morris


Rebel 90.5 Logan
31st December 2018
7-8pm EDST (skimmed from their online scrolling ticker :wink: )

Jewels and Bullets - You Am I
Balwyn Calling - Skyhooks
Unchain My Heart - Joe Cocker
I’ll Follow You - Shinedown
Light My Fire - The Doors
Bargain - The Who
One Thing Leads To Another - The Fixx
Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix
Young Lust - Pink Floyd
Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin
Same Old Song And Dance - Aerosmith
Gimme All Your Lovin’ - ZZ Top
Armageddon It - Def Leppard
Surrender - Cheap Trick
It’s Only Rock n Roll - The Rolling Stones
You Might Think - The Cars
Call Me The Breeze - Lynard Skynyrd


Currently completing a Gold 104.3 and Coast FM New Zealand log simultaneously. They should be up in about an hour.


Ha I just did a Coast log - I’ll hold off on posting then. Might move onto one of the other little stations in the country then :wink:


Don’t worry, I haven’t started it yet, it was for 9:00. Post away!
I’ll see what else I can deliver as well.


Coast 105.4 Auckland "Top 100 Countdown - New Years Eve Edition"
31st December 2018
8-9pm EDST (10-11pm NZST)

Join the countdown at No. 26

26.Don’t Dream It’s Over - Crowded House
25. Imagine - John Lennon
24. Let’s Dance - David Bowie
23. Let It Be - The Beatles
22. Dancing In The Dark - Bruce Springsteen
21. Mama Mia - Abba
20. Every Breath You Take - Police
19. Like A Bridge Of Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel
18. I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
17. American Pie - Don McLean
16. You’re The Voice - John Farnham
15. Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits
14. (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life - Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes


Gold 104.3, Melbourne
’New Year’s Eve Party Playlist’
31st December 2018
8:45pm - 9:45pm (AEST)

Free Your Mind - En Vogue
Paradise City - Guns N’ Roses
Summer Nights - John Trevolta/Olivia Newton-John
Purple Rain - Prince :+1:
Gonna Make You Sweat - C&C Music Factory
Kick - INXS
People Everyday - Arrested Development
I Want You To Want Me - Cheap Trick
Agadoo - Black Lace (only seems to get wheeled out at NYE!)
Pretty Fly For A White Guy - The Offspring
She Loves You - Beatles
Twisting By The Pool - Dire Straits
Opposites Attract - Paula Abdul
Closing Time - Semisonic
I Think We’re Alone Now - Tiffany
Stuck In The Middle With You - Stealers Wheel

A pretty safe party playlist with the songs you usually have in a party playlist. Gold’s party playlist on Saturday nights is much better, with some genuinely good songs. There were no ads or any other breaks though, just straight music which was good and explains the high number of songs here.




Was happy with this one as well, heard it on MMM this afternoon too.


Though the kind of song that works better at the end of a party night, not early on.


The only time it works around 9pm is on WSFM or 2MMM :wink:


As is tradition, we start in New Zealand, and this year we’re going to a station I listened to a lot in my weekend in Auckland in late October. I’d suggest 80% of these songs wouldn’t get a look in on any Australian radio station.

Radio Hauraki
99.0 FM Auckland
No announcer and no real stingers for New Years Eve
9:46: The Strokes - Last Nite
9:49: Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
9:52: Snoop Dogg - Gin & Juice :open_mouth:
9:56: The Tutts - K
10:00: Leisure - Got It bad (local band I assume)
10:03: Sting (not the artist) plugging Radio Hauraki’s Summer playlist
10:04: Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
10:08: Groove Armada - Superstylin
10:12: The Interrupters - Kerosine (local band)
10:15: Spacehogs - In The Meantime
10:19: Pixies - Gigantic
10:23: Fat Freddy’s Drop - Trickle Down
10:27: Green Day - When I Come Around
10:30: Queens of the Stone Age - The Way You Used to Do
10:33: White Stripes - Fell in Love With a Girl
10:35: Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning
10:39: Polish Club - Come Party
10:42: Plug for an SMS service to pick up frequencies, ads for iced coffee, farm safety software, Avalon Genetics, office furniture/products, taxi apps, water tanks, grass. Another plug for the summer playlist
10:47: MGMT - Time To Pretend :grin:
10:51: Beck - Where It’s At
10:54: Guns N Roses - You Could be Mine :sunglasses:
11:00: Salmonella Dub - Love Your Ways (Local Band?)
11:04: Soundgarden - Spoonman
11:08: Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
11:11: The Killers - Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
11:15: Beastie Boys - Sabotage
11:18: Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere
11:22: LAB - Free Fall In a Dream (Local Band)
11:26: Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench
11:29: Portugal The Man - Live in the Moment (yes I know I can’t believe it’s not that vomit inducing Feel It Still, not that this is all that much better)
11:33: Shihad - Run :grinning:(band also known as Pacifier, the time of release was about 9/11 and they wanted to release this to American audiences, naturally with the way the name sounded a change from Shihad was necessary, Local Band)
11:38: David Bowie - Heroes
11:41: The Chemical Brothers- The Golden Path (the only other time I’ve heard this was when SBS was playing the montage of the old National Soccer League after the last NSL Grand Final in 2004)
11:45: Sting for competition recap, ads for shops, a conference for being “Crisis Ready”, Home Builders, asset management, dips, cleaning products, Food poisoning prevention, iHeart radio
11:51: Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine
11:54: Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings
11:58: The Black Seeds - Fire

And so with basically no fanfare, HAPPY NEW YEAR NEW ZEALAND!


I’ve picked that station up briefly this morning via E-Skip in Sydney, in which I received it on 93.2 from Invercargill (see “AM & FM DX” thread). It was playing “Vasoline” by Stone Temple Pilots when I was receiving it.