Radio outside of Australia - Whats good?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Radio X from the UK recently - reminds me a lot of the Triple J of old and a bit like Virgin Radio / Absolute Radio.

Housemate made a comment the other day that they play a lot of ‘bangers’ - it’s got a longer run on TuneIn here now

It’s an interesting subject.

On the website in the US they were having a chat about Lite FM 106.7 in New York and somehow they got around to CHR stations - and this comment stuck out at me:

"Obviously compared to the mess that all these chr’s in this country sound like outside of a few who do their thing correctly like kiis in la, Z100 rules.
Take a listen to the Australian chrs fox out of Melbourne, kiis and Nova in Sydney, nothing in this country comes close."

I do listen to a LOT of US stations and their hit music stations are nowhere near as polished as ours… so sometimes it seems we don’t have to look far to find quality, it’s under our noses and we just don’t realise it.

After it was announced that KIIS (as a brand) was coming to Australia, I listened to KIIS LA - it was good but I wouldnt say it was great (I think some of our stations are better)

There are quite a number of good UK Stations - it probably helps that there is some strong competition in Radio 1

I used to stream from overseas a lot more than I do now - too many of the ones I listened to started geoblocking, and I couldn’t be bothered working around that.

LA has some great stations like KOST, KTWV, KRTH and KISS. WCBS and Fresh in New York are well produced and programmed as well. I like the positioning and imaging of these stations. There are some great oldies stations around the US as well like KABQ, WLGZ (legends), KGOR (Superhits) and KOSF (Big). As far as the variety stations go, I like the Jack FM format the best but there’s always Bob FM or Random Radio Steve FM


One of my favourite stations, WODC 93.3 Columbus Ohio, has just rebranded overnight to variety hits 93.3 The Bus. They’ve basically dropped most 70s and are now running as a predominantly 80s-based station, taking on Rewind 103.5/104.3.

I have friends in Columbus, both inside and outside of radio there, and it’s taken them all by surprise. My friends work for Saga Radio, which is Sunny 94.7 (Sunny 95), Rewind 103.5/104.3 and Mix 107.9) and they didn’t see it coming.

I hate Christmas and Christmas music with a passion, but you have to admit, the AC stations in the US go all-out and fight for the holiday market share.

Lite FM 106.7 (NY) Christmas aircheck -

KOST 103.5 (LA) Christmas aircheck -

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I’m a really big fan on KBIG/MYFM Los Angeles - I think it’s one of the best stations going around. KIIS and KROQ are both decent as well, depending on what you’re into.

I used to listen to a lot of Radio1 when Chris Moyles was on, now a bit of Radio X.

That all being said, My FM has a pretty good, polished sound, as does KIIS, but the rest aren’t anywhere near as polished as something like a Nova.

I have to say I don’t mind the European stations like NRJ and Radio 538 they have a certain production quality that I quite enjoy. But I would have to say my most listened to overseas radio stations are BBC Radio 1 (An example of how awesome our own Triple J could be) and Puls Radio in France (One of the first online only radio stations I ever listened to).

I’m a big fan of Absolute Radio in the UK. I was recently in the LA and was really impressed by KOST (until they started the Christmas music!) - for me they were the perfect Soft AC station that’s still “up-tempo”. Some of the older stuff they played mixed in with the new softer hits was great. Lot’s of Michael Jackson (the good stuff), early Madonna and Whitney to name but a few. Also really impressed with The Sound (Classic Rock), K-Earth (Greatest Hits - but with a rock edge) and Jack FM. All good - and ALL of the stations listed played Journey which is a big winner for me :slight_smile: Overall I thought the quality of LA radio was much better than here in my opinion.

you didn’t get to hear 94.7 The Wave did you? I love the soft variety of RnB it gives, and it really has a nice unique place in the market. Here’s a recent log of what it plays.

Unfortunately I seem to have missed that one - which is a shame because I like that playlist a lot. Smooth RnB is something I haven’t heard before but judging by that list I’d like The Wave too. LA has so many good stations it’s not fair :slight_smile:

PS. That Midnight Train To Georgia song is played a LOT in the US, by all sorts of stations. I heard it a lot in LA I was surprised. A bit like Journey songs over there.

Two other songs that really stood out as being played a lot in LA on multiple stations were Into The Groove / Madonna and Wanna Be Starting Something / MJ. Both seemed to hit the perfect note driving on those endless crazy freeways and I can’t get them out of my head since…

For me I prefer the kiwi stations. I listen to The Sound and The Breeze a lot, as well as Radio Hauraki which is similar to Radio X (which gets a good run on my Tunein).

Gold 905 and Kiss 92 from Singapore are also quite good stations.

Yes - The Wave another well positioned station. It highlights the variety that LA has. I also loved KTWV when it had the unique for the time Smooth Jazz format but I suppose the ratings show that the current format is more popular.

I also saw your KCBS Jack FM log which is yet another great station. LA seems be flooded with choice with stations from adjacent areas also in the mix. KCBS used to have a “all rock n roll oldies” format in the past when it was Arrow FM.

I loved 93Arrow. But Jack is a fave - my favourite Jack is 100.7 in San Diego but they’ve just blown that station up, maybe for an alternative rock station… bit bummed about that.

also listen a lot to San Bernardino’s KOLA 99.9, which is heard in most of downtown LA as well… good variety of Classic Hits and excellent personalities.

Listen to a bit of Radio X (mainly for Moyles, whom I didn’t catch while he was at the Beeb), plus BOB FM in Hertfordshire (home to Graham Mack, ex-2GO and 5SE on breakfast/PD). Across the Atlantic, Z100 in New York, Go96.3 in Minnesota and KCRW Santa Monica.

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Yes I listened to KOLA 99.9 too. Didn’t realize it was based outside LA. I could certainly get it in the car although from memory it dropped out in Orange County.

@Brianc68 - yep not a full coverage station - always find this website useful - - here’s KOLA’s coverage map

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I listen to a replay of Moyles on Radio X every morning. Someone on this board recommended Studio Brussels a while back and their overnight automated playlist is very good.

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