Radio Data System (RDS)


Yes definitely & one of easier low signal RDS stations to decode. I think someone said here that Wave FM over modulates thus masking the RDS carrier in marginal reception areas. I often need a tropo lift & wait for speech or brief silent breaks to get RT from from their RDS.
The MPX spectrum of 96.1 The Edge is one of the cleanest I receive.


Wonder why it’s difficult to decode? @Deano ?

Power Nowra is often the one that my receivers find difficult to receive despite good signal.


When I can get Power Nowra, for me, RDS is comparatively easy to decode - given the presence of Rhema Central Coast.


Interesting RT catch on Collie community radio 101.3. Christmas day pre-recorded voiceovers and announcements where described in the RT stream. Sreen captured a church service announcement, previous to that it displayed ‘intro’ then ‘airnews’.

Collie community radio also have track info in the RT stream, which updates seconds after a new track starting, and a ridiculously long station name, COLLIE COMMUNITY RADIO 101.3. Some talanted volunteers at the station to get this working quite well. Captured using the Samsung radio app.


You can see how they’ve set up their playout with the file names feeding the RDS. Understandable at such a station.

Collie would be keen for their own station after 6CI was unceremoniously absorbed into the Bunbury program on a commercial basis.

Due to the VHF TV co-channeling on 3 and 5, this community station began on AM and converted to FM. One of the first in recent years.


Yes, I remember this being on 1089 AM.

Good that they are starting to use the old VHF 3 and 5 spectrum now in South West WA.


Of course, The Wave being the most recent station to move, exactly where GWN left channel audio used to be, 91.7.

Donnybrook has community radio up and running for the last year or so on 102.1 and Bunbury community radio is 2 or 3 years old, on 103.7.

…The Wave being the only other station with RDS.


I find this a cruel irony when an FM service switches on in the space of TV audio carrier.

Happened in Nthn Tas too.

It would not have been too much to ask to continue the audio carrier beyond ATV closure, it’s likely been relied upon in times of emergency. 0.8 of a MhZ is not much out of what was 7MhZ blanked out.

I miss driving around the Hunter and not being able to tune into NBN news at 6pm.

Yes, The Wave has RDS.

Many SW WA community stations were given AM allocations and held off until FM became available to launch due to the cost of AM sites.

Of course, Collie, very isolated and with its commercial station taken over with Bunbury programming had a need of a big gap to fill.

3rd commercial licence, Spirit on AM 621 should be converted to FM. ABA planning documents acknowledged the lack of FM space at the time, preventing an FM allocation for auction.


Remember to look out for 93.1 Magic FM from Berri which has switched on RDS recently:


Same with Bridgetown too, 6BY also runs the same 6TZ Bunbury feed.


Correct, the station is gone from Bridgetown with all functions performed from Bunbury.


Two new RDS catches for me: Mixx FM Nhill (94.5) and Flow FM Keith (99.1). Both received near Cooma via E-skip today:


Not too far from Loxton but alas.


@gordo92 are you on hols and didn’t get around to let us know that there’s been an update to the text of 4WK?

Station name originally: 4WK

Now: 4WK 95.5


I wonder why the change?

I imagine 4WK 95.5 runs the same ads and programming as 95.9 Dalby, 91.5 Stanthorpe and 963AM Warwick? So it wouldn’t be to differentiate the feed on any way?


No I was simply waiting for someone to notice hehehe :slight_smile:
This happened just before I went on my Xmas holiday’s

So you know which FM translator your tuned into… For example in a car like my BMW 318i that has RDS but only gives the Station Name and nothing else, the only thing it said was “4WK” so me and Batch decided we could fit “4WK 95.5” without any dramas so that’s what we changed it to.
This also sets the example for if we decide to put RDS on the other translators

We also cleaned up some of the text so it is a bit shorter and a little cleaner such as changing “…4 W K” in the scrolling text back to "…4WK

Yeah all fed by the same Point to Multi Point IP link therefore exact same audio to all

Nope just me been a pain in the arse to poor Batch and wanting things to always sound, look or work that little bit better :slight_smile:


Thanks, enjoy your holidays and hope you’re not on call for the summer storms.

Good, you’ve upgraded.

Please do, there’s some ‘audience’ feedback :smiley:

He’ll love you for it in the long run, not had a more keen and hard working tech there in a very long time.


Yeah still doing radio related stuff but, like catching up with some ham Friend’s and checking the old AM sites I looked after before moving.

Still got the Lancer with the 7 antennas on it :grin: but going to trade it on eventually I reckon

Will be sure to pass it on

Thanks mate I enjoy what I do as work and it all works out to make things better in the long run, and me and Batch get along great which also helps and makes the work environment much happier


Collecting friend from airport on Friday night, lights were on at the Nudgee hut, enlarged Gateway Mwy is much closer.

Good idea, trade the Mitsubishi before it goes ‘bits are missing’. :wink:


96.5 Wave FM & 102.9 2ST have very recently implemented CT with their RDS, though wrong time set for 2ST.