Radio Data System (RDS)


My car radio switched to KIIS 106.5 the other day automatically for a traffic announcement. But they were in the middle of a song. Would’ve my car radio just decoded a false signal? Has this happened to anyone else?


What station were you initially tuned to?


Noted today that 92.1 2MFM have RT as: Muslim Community Radio
I’m not sure how long this has been the case. Noted it was absent from the Australian RDS List. Now updated.
No audio from the station after storm. Seams to be a regular problem of audio loss from station.
No Internet audio steam either. Link?

Noted today during a DX opening to Adelaide that 103.9 5ABCFM appeared to have a static PS rather than dynamic. Has this changed re Australian RDS list? It could have been that my PS display was stuck on ‘classic’ only due to fading signal. Would welcome feedback from one of the SA Redback dxers.


Areas which don’t have DAB+ don’t typically have ABC RDS. I know JJJ and Classic FM in Hobart take their RDS RT off of the DAB+ DLS over the air.


Out of curiosity, how much work & cost do you think would be involved for the ABC to roll out uniform RDS across the country?

To me it seems like a huge missed opportunity - even if it were just a static PS / RT, it would greatly help listeners to identify their mismatch of frequencies, especially when travelling between transmitters.


I wish the ABC would impliment RDS with AF. I think it would be quite novel to drive from Brisbane to Sydney listening to triple J and not having to touch the radio once.


I could NOT listen to Triple J for that length of time!

The summer time zone issue would be an issue between NSW/QLD and VIC/SA.


I’d like the ABC to put tbe Audio of Local Radio in Stereo before they even worry about RDS. I’m completely over the fact that we have local radio on a 200kW FM blowtorch fed by mono audio though a stereo simulator


Like NBN in the days pre HD hey hat?


Can turn Now FM back to Mono the next time I am up the Mountain to make things a little more consistent for you Greg hehe :grin:


Please do, that would be amusing for him!

You did it in the name of ‘increasing coverage’ at the fringe when he asks.


Yup that’s the exact rationale / logic for the ABC running MONO in most of the rural regions
for ABC Local Radio. Even though the majority of radio receivers have a mono/stereo switch to overcome that problem.


I was actually listening to Spotify (gasp!) using Apple CarPlay when it switched to the FM tuner. And 106.5 was not the last station I was listening to either.

Car model is 2018 Suzuki Vitara


Yeah and nope…


2NBC FM 90.1 has RDS now displaying just 2NBC.
Not sure if scrolling text as I just got it on my radio.


Check-out the Australian RDS List link at the top of this thread for
reference & future updates.


Ah yes sorry I will keep a look on that. Thanks


Triple M Coffs Harbour has updated its RDS from
Triple M



Good move, I’ve never liked those station name ones that are more than 8 characters and thus become scrolling or alternating text.


It’s silly that some are “TripleM” and “105.1MMM”, etc. when metros are “TRIPLE M”.

IMO “TRIPLE M” looks best and unifies the network.