Radio Data System (RDS)


Very nice! For some reason I’ve found the Bairnsdale signals don’t DX well, either here via Es or down south via tropo. I always blamed the topography - Mt Taylor is almost surrounded by mountains to the north and west

I’ve had TRFM with RDS here in locations where 99.4 Mt Tamborine is a bit weaker


Also they’re highly directional, with nearly all their signal going south, not north towards you.


2NSB Northside Radio 99.3 have reactivated their RDS this morning.
All details as previously.


I’ve noticed this afternoon that 2ST has finally implemented RDS on its Southern Highlands’ 102.9 service, which includes ‘Now Playing’ info on its RadioText.


RE 102.9 2ST

This must have been a brief test as I don’t find any trace of a RDS 57kHz carrier last night or this morning so far…?

One to keep an eye on.


90.1 2NBC has switched on RDS (today 19/12/2018?).
PI Code: 7718
PTY: Easy Listening
RT: 90.1 NBC FM - Live and Local - Studio 02 9534 2777


They’re back on with RDS

PI: 2029
PTY: Pop Music
RT Track Info & 2ST website address during advert breaks.

There is also CT, but not functional yet.


I thought I was going crazy yesterday when my car stereo was showing 2GO’s RDS as “QBN FM” with the additional text message of something along the lines of “Everything Queanbeyan”. Program was definitely 2GO.

Then I saw a comment on their Facebook page that another listener had seen the same thing!

How on earth would this happen?!


Interesting glitch. Perhaps whatever RDS system 2GO is running was one which was originally developed for QBN FM and that was default text?


I wish I had a chance to get a photo, but it was a bit hard while driving.


Fair enough, the practice of taking your picture while driving is never cool so I’ll take your word for it! :slight_smile:


For 10 demerit points over the holidays in NSW, I wouldn’t bother either!


Interesting. I reported earlier in the week (not this page) that the RDS for 2GO was inactive (for at least a day) & I noted either yesterday or day before (excuse the memory) that the 2GO RDS was active again & at the time I looked was providing the usual 2GO data.

I wonder if they recently procured the former RDS encoder/equipment from QBN FM Queanbeyan (as a spare) at some point in time? Seams like a reasonable assumption…


Some tropo dx (and no 2HHH) enabled my first RDS reception of 100.1 Life FM Bathurst, earlier in the morning.
PI Code: 1001
PTY: Varied
RT: Life FM 100
RT: Spirit of the West
RT: [Song Info]

Does anyone have the PI, PTY & RT for 99.7 BRock?


What’s the story with 102.9 2ST Bowral & their RDS?

The station is only transmitting with an audio bandwidth of 95-100kHz.
I can’t see (or decode) any RDS 57kHz signal & I can’t ever recall decoding RDS with such
a narrow bandwidth signal.
I can only reliably decode RDS signals when the SDR bandwidth is opened up to around 120kHz or higher.

If 2ST are using RDS on their 91.7 & 106.7MHz outlets I ask; what audio bandwidth are they using?
I don’t receive these stations & just curious.


A small RDS change

2GO-FM is now just 2GO

Has been like that since they were back on air from last Thursday.nights storm.


Was driving to castle hill on old northern road, I think life fm was fighting hhh fm. Great view from there over castle towers to the blue mountains. The north is a bit shielded there.

Happy hhh is back. Streaming is good but radio is just easier plus sounds better.


Same here, I am getting HHH again up here at Charlestown again too, perhaps a bit better than before too.


96.5 Wave FM Wollongong has updated their RT in recent times.
Always difficult decoding Wave FM RDS, but have noted RT
displayed as:
RT: The Illawara’s Best Music
RT: Illawara’s News - Now - 96.5 Wave-FM

Looks like I need a very strong signal to decode RDS 2ST Bowral on 102.9.
Frequency Deviation is lowish for this transmission.


Yes, I find i98 easier to decode, despite the fact that it is fighting with a stronger co-channel (in 98.1 News Radio) and also Power FM Muswellbrook (which is weaker) due to my south facing location, and 96.5 2CHR Cessnock isn’t as strong as News Radio at my location.