Radio Data System (RDS)




Noticed Rhema 103.5 Orange has switched on RDS. Text is ‘103.5 FM’ and it appears to have scrolling artist info.

Currently in Oberon for the night.


Can anyone explain why Hit Newcastle’s RDS is so hard and slow to decode? Compared to Triple M (KOFM) I struggle to get Hit’s RDS when in Newcastle as quick as the others.

Today I was driving back from Port Macquarie and managed to get much better RDS on Star 104.5 at around Nabiac than I could Hit.


Signals from near south strong enough to decode Mt Tamborine. Even with better signal a challenge due to stations just 100 KHz away on both sides.

image image


Have managed to decode both 100.7 Mt Kynoch and 100.6 Mt Tamborine in areas with good reception west on Mt Tamborine itself.


Yes, the western end of Beacon Rd Tamborine North is a great spot for DXing to the north and west.

Managed to get Hit100.7 and stations as far north as Triple M Bundaberg with RDS as well in Junewhen I was up there earlier this year.


I’ve done it, but never in the quite the same location, normally have to shift the car a little to get one slightly stronger than the other. It seems my receiver at least can’t quite handle the closeness


Down in Canberra at the moment, their RDS arrangement is the same as Melbourne’s ie.

(rotating text)

Not a fan of that arrangement.
I prefer the static text of Classic that Sydney and Brisbane uses.

At least they (and Triple J) both get full song info here.


Email the ABC to have them or BA fix it? Worth submitting the suggestion?


A new RDS entry I noted on the way to Canberra

Goulburn’s Own Voice


Eagle FM Goulburn has changed its RDS PI code from 2010 to 3D44.


What is the consequence of this change? Eliminates conflict?


I don’t know sorry. Conflict, as an excuse to change, would be a reasonable & logical assumption.
Perhaps default setting from a recent equipment change?

I took a quick look at the Australian RDS List & couldn’t find another station using PI code; 2010. That said there’s plenty of PI codes omitted from the list.

I only made a note of this given that PI codes, for DXing ID purposes, decode more reliably than a station name PS code label.


I think this is a new one for list, briefly received in Brisbane last night.

3GV Bairnsdale on 98.3



Does that mean they have RDS but with no text?


Hard to tell as signals were very fleeting last night.


I added this slogan received yesterday to the RDS list



Great catch!

Is that on the main 99.5 signal or 99.9 from Bairnsdale? (I assume the latter given your 98.3 catch).


That was from 99.5 though 99.9 was also received. 99.5 was over the top of ABC from Coffs H.


Screen shot with the bandwidth reduced to avoid Rebel on 99.4