Radio Data System (RDS)


Probably my most uninteresting holiday photo - but was able to see 7XS has RDS while on a recent trip to Tasmania - on both their Queenstown and Strahan transmitters.

There is scrolling text for song names and station IDs, but managed to take a photo while it wasn’t actively scrolling.

And yeah - I had it as a preset because of it sharing 105.1 with my normal Triple M Melbourne preset… That worked again once I made it to Launceston, where the inner city repeaters are on 100.3 and 101.1.


Did it have RDS on Rosebery TX (107.1)?


I didn’t know there was one until I was well past that area, I was listening to the signal from the Queenstown transmitter and didn’t hear an ad for their frequencies until I was in range of the Strahan one (there’s also a sign as you enter Strahan, telling you the 7XS translator frequency).

I tuned in the first place from the vague recollection that 7XS was 92 something, I didn’t have phone signal to check their website - Optus is useless outside the major cities in Tasmania.

I’d expect there would be thoguh - given every other Grant FM station I listened to in Tasmania had RDS, but can’t confirm.


I know that sign. I saw it as I was coming in from Zeehan whilst I was down there in March last year.

Here’s the photo that I took below.

Tell me about it. Luckily, the motel I was staying at in Strahan had free Wi-Fi. :slight_smile:


The Rosebery FM translator was one of the first commercial stations on FM and certainly for years, one of only three (TTT and HO the other two) for quite some time.


It’s up: photo of Radio 97’s RDS on FM 103.5. Well done @gordo92 and staff, thanks.


For those losing sleep over the RDS time being still on daylight saving time for SWR FM it’s been fixed. I sent an email and got a reply in 10 mins all fixed. Not even business hours. Very impressed.


@Alex_Agaciak might be responsible for that. I think @matt86 is still out of town. I had the opportunity to visit SWR in May and was impressed by the setup.


Yes it was Alex.


I’m currently in the Central West & have noticed that B-Rock now uses RDS, which is being read out as “B-ROCK”.


Long overdue. For a broadcaster keen on FM decades ago, you’d think Ron would’ve been one of the first to get this running.


I assume that refers (knowingly) to just 99.3 or is it extended to their other FM relays as well?


B-Rock doesn’t have any FM relays.


Oh my bad. Yes I was thinking of those 2BS relays. Thanks for the correction.


96.1 The Edge doesn’t seem to have had Song Info on its RDS for a month or two now?

Has anybody else noticed this?


Just need to do the 104.1 transmitter now with AF for both :stuck_out_tongue:


Does TA actually work? One of our cars has RDS and I’ve never had it before.


I don’t know if AF would really work in this case because they are only fill in repeaters at opposite ends of the Radio 97 licence area (with 972 AM providing the main coverage in between).


Yes, but it’s unlikely you’ll ever see anything on your car radio.

The RDS TA in Australia on various stations is encrypted, & is used by GPS receivers, not for free use on general RDS equipped radios.
It’s sourced from & injected into local stations RDS, on behalf of SUNA Traffic Australia, for GPS’s equipped with a Traffic Subscription service.

I don’t think there’s any stations in Australia who go it alone, & source traffic info to put on their local RDS for free use by any RDS receiver?


Hot Tomato has my middle ware software which sources traffic information from twitter