Radio Data System (RDS)


Whilst on the way back to Sydney, I’ve noticed that Life FM in Bathurst has RDS, which also includes the “Now Playing” song info.


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Yep Alex was straight onto it. We can access the RDS box remotely so it was a quick fix.


Looks to be a RDS field not set correctly for 2NSB Northside 99.3FM. State/Territory field shows as Australian Capital Territory.



Hi Matt,

I note you guys have also recently changed the SWR FM RDS PI code from 1060 to a more logical 2999. :smile:

Aussie RDS List updated.


Yeah a few months ago the RDS settings had to be reloaded including the PI code. 2999 fits the logic some other stations are using.


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Life FM Bathurst (and a few other stations) are starting to use my new RDS middleware - ‘MetaRadio’. It interfaces a bunch of different Automation systems with a bunch of different RDS Encoders (I’m slowly adding features - for example, tonight I’m adding support for iBiquity’s HD Radio).

Just thought you might be interested.



Just noticed that Ultra1065 in Hobart now has RDS. Station name appears as “106 five”, PTY is Pop Music and radio text is “Ultra 106.five … Supporting church and community”. This means that all the commercial radio stations in Hobart now have RDS.


Errrm… all commercials in Hobart have had RDS for years now… maybe an FYI but Ultra1065 is a community station


Oops, yeah you’re right. States that on their website. I guess that its one less station in the area without RDS at least. I think edge radio and SBS are the only major FM stations in the Hobart area left without it now?


Typically radio, say all and have a qualifier for it!

The RA1 stations save for SBS have RDS now?

Edge is RA3, Hobart FM RA2 and RPH is on AM.


Why the three different licence areas?


Sub metro community stations. RPH has a combo licence area rather than ACMA re-visiting the RA1 for each market.


SBS will be next
I must say Ultra1065 need to seriously listen to their own program… it has gaps it in… 50-70ms drops id say
This would be due to them ditching their 850mhz STL and going IP delivery


I suspect Eagle FM Goulburn has made changes to their RDS as my Sangean was very quick to decode that tonight with only minor levels of enhancement around.

Reception wasn’t strong enough to get the 2nd line text.


Appears Ultra 106.5 have switched off RDS again, on the flipside, the issues with their audio quality has improved. The glitches seem to have gone.


went off at 1:47pm yesterday… cant see how RDS is related to the gaps!


Hey mate.

I am guessing they are trying a new audio processor, that’s capable of injecting RDS into the outbound audio stream.


Hey Chris, you could guess that but it wouldnt be right :slight_smile:


Fair enough.

Whats the full story then?


Bridge FM 99.7 testing RDS