Radio Data System (RDS)


Yes, that’s part of the RDS design, part of the data that all enabled radios should have the function to (de)activate.

It works well if say you want to stay on the Mt Lofty signal instead of switching to the Grenfell St site in Adelaide, the north Kempsey signal instead of the south Kempsey signal for Mid North Coast commercials or the Mt Wolvi main signal of Zinc 96 instead of the 100.5 translator. Hot 91 the same (thanks Paul Thompson and Steve Adler for vision in activating that one and beginning).

I’ve tried that in three models I’ve mentioned to no avail.


RDS has now been added to the Triple M Mid North Coast translator on 90.3 at Laurieton


Taken them long enough, it was a blackspot funded site?


In Singapore at the moment, and scanned the dial last night.

Whilst the vast majority of stations have RDS, not a single one has song or weather info. A lot of the time, the 2nd line text isn’t used at all, or just repeats the station name.


Using old hardware and not implemented any new software?

Singapore’s on air sound is very conservative, very dated. Those ex pats working there tell me it’s due to their strict regulations.


Yes, it is a bit conservative… I can’t imagine any Kyle and Jackie O types on the airwaves here.


Unnecessary; hot, humid with random tropical downpours for every spin on the axis.

I believe Gold 90.5 plays an interesting mix of classic hits, mixing in US, UK, and Australian tunes.


New RDS for Breeze and Rebel: When song/artist not showing

REBEL 90.5 Rocks Logan
Logan’s BREEZE 92.1 - Love The Music.


This morning, I noticed Canberra JJJ had RDS on 101.5 with song titles. 95.9 did not have any RDS.

However, this afternoon the RDS was gone.


RDS added to Triple J and ABC Classic FM in Hobart/Mt Wellington.

Triple J is displaying “triple j” and Classic FM is displaying ‘ABC CFM’.

Makes the only High Power FM service in Hobart not to have RDS, the Christian Community Station Ultra 106.5.


Thanks for that.

ABC CFM is one variation I haven’t seen before.
Do they both have song info too?

Does SBS on 105.7 and Hobart FM 96.1 both have RDS too?


ABC have been drinking the insecurity floating around the corp at the moment. Perhaps they foresee the govt coming to f*** them: CFM?


Not 100% sure on SBS, honestly forgot about them.

Hobart FM does do RDS on both TX sites. They have two lower power sites to cover Hobart. And I think they were the first to actually have RDS.

Both were running song info last night.


In Canberra, Classic FM has RDS from Black Mountain, with a station name “ABC Classic FM”

Unfortunately JJJ from Black Mountain still doesn’t have it.


2MCR Campbelltown has made the minutest of updates to its RDS

100 3 in the station name now appears as 100.3

Yes, the world has been turned on its head I know.




Thank goodness for that decimal point- here I was tuned to 1003 kHz hoping to hear 2MCR loud and clear.


Thanks Radiohead & thank you 2MCR. I’ll be able to sleep much better now… always looked weird not having that all important decimal point :slight_smile:

FYI it wasn’t just that decimal point that changed. Their PI code changed from 10CF to 10C9 recently.


I agree… I’ve always HATED frequency IDs that omit the decimal point.


Get to the point. :wink: