Radio Data System (RDS)


93.7 Toowoomba moves to Picnic Point today. RDS added. PI 4897.


Well done on the move.

The previous location was atop a hotel? What was the background to choose that site?


At the time that establishment was a client and it was guaranteed not to be turned off on Saturdays to encourage people to listen to the community station that put racing to air (unlike what was happening when it was at the racetrack.
I recently learnt of an unused mixed polarity antenna at picnic point so was able to justify the site rental with the increase in coverage, so moved it there… and added RDS while I was at it.
Oh, we own it now also. That made it easier. :wink:


It was still happening as of April this year when I was last within listening distance.

Very strange to hear weekend afternoon racing on a community station in 2018.

Great to own it now, good to see decision makers can be persuaded of commonsense.


Hi TV.Cynic,

I’ve added the remaining stations from your list to the AUSTRALIAN RDS LIST - thank you :slight_smile:

Re Adelaide Foothill entries. I guess you could add under Adelaide Market & then add under NOTES heading Adelaide Foothills etc as per similar entries, eg Mackay for Nebo. If you & AA can excuse me for speaking-up I think it more important to add the missing entries sooner rather than later/not. Owner/creator AustralianAerial (AA) can reorganise later if required.

I’ve added the TAB 93.7 entry to Toowoomba list & also reformatted the Victorian worksheet.


All good on my end @TV.Cynic!


Finished updating :grinning:


yeah it now sends out the date and time via RDS and syncs with the “” NTP Server


I don’t see many spelling errors with song titles on RDS, but whilst up on the Gold Coast, I saw this one on River 94.9

All She Wants To Do Is Dence - Don Henley

Don’t know how that got in there.


Who’s Dence? :rofl:


Whoever is responsible for that is a dunce.


Do you reckon I could load that up on Dence Dence Rovelution?


I wonder if the data resolved correctly? Do see corrupted data displayed for River due to low signal/longer distance.


That was the only time I’ve noticed any RDS errors on River for anything.


River 949 is playing Dence’s song again now, and I’m pleased to report that the spelling has been fixed!

Maybe someone there has been reading these forums!


The radio in a friend’s car apparently switches from 2DAYFM to Pulse 94.1 (I believe a Wollongong community radio station) automatically for some reason, and only in a specific area (his house). Is there a misconfiguration in 2DAY’s RDS causing this? I’d suspect the alternative frequency is causing it.


What car, what radio if not factory fitted?

I notice this problem with recent model Audis (the four ringed circus rings true beginning with their radios, would not buy one personally). Managed to get the same errors in a 2011 and 2016 model, seems to be an ongoing problem they don’t fix.


2002 Audi A4…lol


There you go! The four ringed circus continues.

It’s not limited to them. Have experienced the same with the ‘headunit’ style radio in a Mercedes, 2001. RDS would switch to another local station if low signal or out of area stations were stored in the presets. No way was I going to remove my ‘lucky catch’ of Sydney stations from that mighty FM aerial of the Hastings, Dennis Bridge.


There’s a setting in the newer Audis for the radio to automatically switch stations, depending on the strength of the frequency being picked up. It’s under the radio menu, called something like “switch regional radio frequencies” (I think). I turned mine off because I live in the Central West and we only have RDS on 3 radio stations around here, so what’s the point?

@mubd your friend might want to try looking for that setting and switching it off? I’m not sure whether that feature is configurable in the radios from 2002 but it could be worth a shot.