Radio Data System (RDS)


So the ABC pay BA a huge amount to what I feel is stupidly outsource such engineering tasks and they still haven’t got RDS working reliably. Well done, more taxpayer funding down the drain.

No RDS add on for TXs in adjacent metro markets such as Illawarra, Gold or Sunshine Coast, Ballarat and so on.

So all this money to BA, no reliable RDS, stations routinely off air both in the night and day whereas commercial stations manage uninterrupted transmission and they couldn’t renegotiate the BA contract to reallocate a paltry $1.2M to keep three SW sites on air?


I am down in Sydney at the moment, and went for a drive out to Camden this morning.

Something VERY weird happened with the 88.3 WSFM repeater. It went off air for about 30 seconds, there was just static, and then the WSFM audio returned BUT it had the RDS text displayed for 100.3 2MCR community radio at nearby Campbelltown.

Normally 88.3 doesn’t display any RDS.

That only lasted for about 15 minutes and everything seemed to go back to normal.

Has anyone seen anything like that before?


The following taken from a Mitsubishi car ad set in inner Sydney that just aired on Nine Sydney.

Interesting that they are listening to a Blue Mountains stations with Wollongong stations on the presets, and RDS station names on the presets for NOVA but not Smooth. Hmmmm… Interesting


They’ve obviously either set the radio with that stupid auto-tune feature (which picks up every station in order from 88.0 to 108.0) and sets a preset for the strongest stations, or they’re in a ‘scan’ mode where you can see all the stations the radio has detected on screen.


Note to:


I note a recent post from dxnerd & crankymedia re RDS from GHR 96.7 Holbrook in the Community Radio forum. It’s a Temp Community Br Lic.
Should that station be added under ‘Albury’ in the Google Sheets (Australia RDS Station list)?
Is it under ACMA LAP ‘radio market’ that station locations are being grouped under?
Would welcome your guidance.


Good point. I’m happy for it to be a new entry on the NSW page - I presume if a new LAP will be drawn up if it’s allocated a permanent licence.

I’m dividing stations by ACMA licence areas - roughly. For instance, Sunshine Coast stations are a combined entry in the document, despite separate ACMA markets for Nambour and Gympie.

It’s not perfect, but it’s largely consistent. As always, if anyone has any suggestions for an improved layout, drop it here :+1:


It will have a new LAP, it focusses on a specific LGA.


Both Sea and Mix fm RDS are both stuck on Finally by Ce Ce Peniston


There must be an issue with that song in their database. Anytime that song is played on either station it ‘hangs/freezes’ the RDS song title. Quite annoying.


Tim Aqulina is the one to speak with. @Rob2144 @NRN11


It shouldn’t be “Finally”, maybe “Oh No Not You Again” (Aust Crawl) would be a more appropriate song for this reoccurring issue.


My collegue loves when it freezes - the artist comes up as ‘CeCe Penis’ in our pool cars :joy::joy:


What’s the RDS code for 2DAY and is it similar/same to Brisbane’s Triple J?

Tuned the car radio onto the 2DAY preset and Triple J popped up.

Was the radio confused or is there a conflict?


Australian Muslim Voice on-air in Canberra for Ramadan.


Just checked my radio.
2DAY still as PI code of 2041. 2JJJ still 2D5F.
No idea what caused your radio preset conflict/problem sorry.
Blame the gremlins.

PI codes & other data can be found in our group Australian RDS List.
Link found at the top of this RDS forum.
Always looking for more updates & new material…


Thanks, much appreciated. Gremlins remain my thought too.


Just updated some data for the sites that I know, particularly New FM Newcastle, few bits missing, also added the fact it knows send NTP time via CT


Thanks for that. I’ve also updated the ‘Last Update’ field for Newcastle to today’s date for the benefit of all spreadsheet users.


What does that mean? Is it that clock time and date is derived from a NTP?


I’ve made lots of additions to the speadsheet tonight based on DXing this year. More to follow.

Not sure how to add the following though:

Kerang 98.7 3SHI Mix FM MixxFM Mixx FM 3077
Hamilton 88.9 3HFM MixxFM 3889
Horsham 101.3 3WWM MixxFM 3013
Karoonda 95.3 8SAT Flow FM Flow FM Now: Title Artist 5371
Maitland 90.9 8SAT Flow FM Now: Title Artist 5371
Kapunda 99.5 8SAT Flow FM Now: Title Artist 5371

Not sure if you want the Adelaide Foothill relays listed separately - I started to put a note when the relay was confirmed with RDS.