Radio Data System (RDS)


It’s fair dinkum, I thought a pic would prove it :smile:


Saw this today on Triple J in Melbourne. It was fixed during the song within a few minutes. Not sure if it was an error with the actual song tagging or the RDS transmission.


I can’t be sure either exactly the cause of the problem, but for the record I recall seeing occasionally the ‘RT_TEXT=’ with RDS transmission from ABC Classic FM - Sydney.


It’s part of the programming line, that’s what it looks like. @RFBurns what do you think?


My guess would be that the quotation marks in the title haven’t been handled properly and have caused the programming to be read incorrectly.


NEW FM were having RDS issues yesterday.

This kept appearing from time to time


WFM subcarrier signal? Equipment default? Has it reset?


I’d say signal not being decoded correctly. WFM is only two letters less than NEWFM. Happens RDS levels are too low, or group sequence isn’t strong enough.


I was in a strong signal area at the time, it kept alternating between NEW FM and WFM every few minutes.

It could still be a signal issue though, as my Tecsun radio suggests that NEW FM has a low SNR (signal to noise ratio), though there isn’t any audible noise. The signal is still over-deviating… perhaps one or both of those things is causing the RDS issues?


Another oddity about NEW FM’s RDS is that the program type shows as “Talk”


An SDR (Software Defined Radio) can help with resolving S/N signal & RDS issues in being able to ‘see’ what might be happening so one can take corrective action. Multipath & over modulation can effect the decoding.

Also maybe NEW FM haven’t yet properly set-up RDS. A PTY of talk might indicate that on a music station.

Just some thoughts…


A lot of stations additionally just don’t care. I haven’t looked on FM, but PTY stuff on digital is an absolute mess.

I think one of the stations is ‘Folk Music’…



Maybe they think that it’s music that us “folks” will listen to.


Sorry for the late reply, yes I’d say you’re both correct, they’ve missed a probable quotation mark in the code & the RDS encoder isn’t reading it correctly.


You’re right, but it depends on how they’ve set up the decoder & what RDS/Reciver monitor they’re using to check with?

Aus/European RDS & US RBDS are different when it comes to PTY.

KIIS & WSFM Sydney had me confused for a while until it clicked, on a normal Aus. radio their PTY is correct, but when I was looking at their receiver monitor, standing in front of the transmitters, it shows the PTY & I thought WTF?
It wasn’t until it dawned upon me, that the receiver monitor is a US one (DEVA Broadcast), KIIS said Country PTY & WS said either Classical or Top40 I can’t remember?


Also saw that and thought that my SDR was playing up.



Added Radio Blue Mountains 89.1 to the Australia RDS List (Google Sheet) with additional information.


So that’s back on again?

Wonder why it was off for so long, it wasn’t on for very long originally anyhow.


Look who is going to go offline again :wink::wink:SDRSharp_2018-04-29_10-00-12

Song data is now gone…

And now it’s back at 10:08…


Yup…ABC Classic FM Sydney was ‘yet again’ having that same ‘regular’ issue a day or two ago.