Radio Data System (RDS)


If you go to the functions menu to view the radio text, you can flick between FM stations that have RDS without going out of that screen.

Having the FM list automatically update is probably one of the few good things Audi has going for it. The dual FM tuner is a great help to coverage.

No, some knob in a car nearby to Mark has an in car FM transmitter with RDS for a device and has configured it for some attention.


Nah not near me, that screendump was sent to me by a friend querying why we had a sexual radio station that’s “easy.” :slight_smile:


A significant tropo lift into Wollongong tonight enabled me to get RDS PI code from VOX FM (106.9) for the first time. PI Code = 00CE

Doesn’t appear to be any RT or PTY, but RDS is right on the threshold.


Updated & corrected 2MCR entry in Australian RDS List (Google Spreadsheet).
Would be great to have some RDS entries or updates for WA, NT, SA & Tassie.


On the FM radio on my mobile phone, Power FM Bega.


A mobile phone with RDS on FM?!!

What brand/model of phone is that?


It’s a Motorola Moto G5 Plus. I wouldn’t recommend anyone but one though!


I have a LG G6 and it’s FM radio has RDS and good sounding audio to match it… Reception isn’t to bad, about on par with a cheap DAB radio… Ain’t going to do any DXing with it but works well for listening when out and about.


Old 2G Nokia phones had FM radio with RDS. Think 2010-11 models such as the C1.

All Blackberry phones, both the models with OS 7, BB’s own OS 10 and now the Android based current models such as the KeyONE have radio too:


90.5 2CCR. Corrected the PI code in our Google Docs - Australian RDS List.
PI Code is: 0905


My Samsung S3 had FM radio with RDS. My next phone, the S5, no longer had the FM radio.


It has the chipset in it but is locked down in the firmware, no matter if you root it or not.


A bit of tropo dx from the Central West brought in a little RDS from 105.9 2GZF.
PI Code: 080B
Also RT received: [Title] [Artist]
and also: Hits & Old School

RDS was threshold & only momentary.

Couldn’t gain any RDS from 105.1, too much slop from Triple M 104.9 & signal from 105.1 not strong enough.


Have updated the Australian RDS List.


2GOS Star 104.5 has recewntly changed it’s PI code. Now 2045, ex DDBB.
RT changed a bit

Updated our Australian RDS List


Finally managed a capture a little RDS info from 2SNO - Eagle FM Goulburn this morning.
Signal was mixing with Hit FM Dubbo 93.5 at times.
Eagle FM’s PI code is: 2010
The Australian RDS List (Google Sheet) file was been updated.


Some tropo enhancement this morning brought in PI code of Pulse 941 - Wollongong.
PI Code = 2941
There is also RT, but signal isn’t strong enough for full/regular decode
& with 94.1 2CCM underneath this doesn’t help the situation.
Perhaps someone else can have a go at text decoding?
Appears to be different RT messages. Have seen words ‘The’ & ‘Hill’ & “by Jimmy Nee” this morning.
PTY could be ‘Varied’, but can’t be positive.


2EC Eden (105.5) is also running RDS- confirmed at Countegany on Saturday evening.


NEW FM Newcastle is now running RDS!

Station name and “Newcastle’s Best Music” text, No song info.


Woohoo! I was close to donating to New FM a used RDS encoder I’ve been given!


It’s after 12:30, so I guess this isn’t an April Fools :stuck_out_tongue:

About time