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Murray Shoring in his first break after 2pm thanked Brent James, so I gather they’re four hour shifts or thereabouts.


Must be freelancing - he’s still listed as evenings host at The Breeze


Yes, works across both.


4KQ Christmas/New Year weeks

The Santa’s sack of sizzling seventies, now the super sack of sizzling seventies post Christmas is 100% automated.

The only thing live on KQ are the external inputs of news, traffic and Brownie if he’s doing his Coastwatch.

Listen to the breaks, nothing current, no solicit for callers, no interaction, all generic. Sounds the same on River unless they’re earning revenue at an OB.

You might like the music, but the station is taking a very cheap approach.

Meanwhile, Hot Tomato, Hot 91, Mix 92.7, Sea 91.9 and probably SCA GC are all live through the day, giving away prizes to callers and so on.

Smaller markets are serving their audiences better than the more profitable metro market. ARN: not changed their ways.


Gee they are good if they are automated the whole time… so you think they record everything on Xmas Eve ?? So how come I heard the jocks mention current temp…the winner of the Syd to Hobart… the fireworks for NY Eve… a woman who died in car crash in Noosa on Dec 30… shit if that’s all recorded ahead of time…I want them to tell me next weeks Lotto numbers…


Must be listening to a different station, I’ve not heard anything current mentioned all week. They’ve been stock standard, safe breaks with no current info.


Unfortunately Gold 104.3 aren’t doing anything special with their playlist for New Year’s Day. From New Years Day in 2017 they did ‘The A To Z Of Hits’ which was every song in their playlist being played, which resulted in some underplayed stuff getting a run.


Different PD then?

These holidays are when stations should be putting on their best effort to grab audience. Research proves time and time again that people do flick stations over this period.


4KQ appear to be doing their annual “25 Years in 25 Days”, which kicks off today, so there’s at least one station in the ARN stable doing just that.

It appears so. In January 2017, the PD of Gold 104.3 (as well as KIIS 101.1) was Sam Thompson, who left in October that year. Sue Carter succeeded her in the role, coming from Mix 102.3/Cruise 1323 in Adelaide, where she was PD.


Where is she now?

Wonder if voice tracking for 25 days too?

Thoughts @About_time ?


I think they probably do a bit of both.


She’s the Content and Partnerships director at where else but Hutchy’s Crocmedia.

Began Jan 2018.


Question for those in the know;
How long has Gold been using the same imaging style as WS? Sounds rather disjointed, and just doesn’t suit the station name or style.
And if so, do KQ and Cruise use the same?


4KQ still use “good times and great classic hits”


Is KQ still running stale generic breaks for every shift or have living, breathing broadcasters returned to Stones Corner?


Promos across this week say the breakfast team returns Monday


Good to know. Glad that lives on a bit.
I was implying more the “I want to double you” jingle package that WS has, is popping up on Gold of recent. Sounds utterly horrific with the Gold.


I went to the second Phil Collins show at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney tonight. I listened to the Phil Collins concert after-party on WS (as they were a sponsor) in the car on the way home. It finished around 11:45pm. Gavin Miller presented the after-party.


Via voice track hours before or live and taking concert-goer feedback.


It was via voice track hours before. There was no live concert-goer feedback but pre-recorded “phone calls” from Phil in which Gavin pretended he was “calling in to the studio” to talk to him.