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So given the last round of ratings, does this still apply?


What took your fancy beyond commercial FM?

Exactly the charm. Great broadcasters don’t all have to be funny.


Mostly JJJ, or AM talk.


I’ve flicked between the same diverse choices too.


WSFM is celebrating it’s 40th birthday today by holding a “Top 200 Countdown Of The Last 40 Years” over this weekend “where every song is a # 1”. Starts tomorrow.


I rarely listen to commercial FM radio anymore. Too much talk, to much repetition and too many new songs that all sound the same.

However, WSFM’s “Top 200 Countdown of the Last 40 Years” is fantastic. I am loving it. I love music and this weekend I am loving WSFM. Lots of rarely heard songs and live DJs as well.

WSFM is making me love radio again!


If only WSFM would throw in some of their old jingles - then I would be in radio heaven.

“From out of the west - 2WS”
“It’s the new sound of Sydney - 2WS”
“It’s the warm sound of summer - 2WS”


Is this the first time in how long that WSFM has live Weekend announcers?


They have had real live announcers on the weekend for a few months now. I usually tune out when I get in the car - flick to WSFM - and they are playing David Bowie’s Let’s Dance for the nineteenth time that week.


Whilst i did enjoy wsfm today, nothing beats the awesome 80s on SWR. :grinning: In my view 2ws should be broadcasting from the same tower as SWR on 97.7 fm. I think 101.7 fm interfered with channel 9 analog? Does anyone know if wsfm did want to transmit from the west? But were pushed back to main towers due to television interference issues.


On the subject of WSFM: I get the impression that there are people at that station who are genuinely interested in producing great radio and from my observations, WSFM probably has the best social media presence of all Sydney music radio stations as well.

Even if in only a minor way, I like how the station has acknowledged the historical milestones of 25 years on 101.7FM and 40 years on-air overall. Although I suppose it helps when WSFM has only really dropped the “2” from the station name and with the old 2WS music format being one that isn’t entirely unrelatable to current WSFM listeners unlike the historical formats of say, 95.3 or 106.5!

But it’d still be even better if their daily playlist had the same amount of music variety as their countdown weekends! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t WSFM have a 99.1 FM translator covering the North West? I want to say it’s at Wentworth Falls like The Edge and the Lithgow station translators, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

Also I’m kind of channelling @TV_Expert here but the last I checked, 99.7 was 2SSR-FM…or sometimes Rhema Newcastle during tropo. SWR is on 99.9! :wink:

I could be wrong on this, but I thought it was actually 99.7 (or a similar frequency around that part of the dial) which had the potential to interfere with Channel Nine’s analogue broadcast.


Yes they do, and it’s at Winmalee.

As for the TV I/f issues with Channel 9, I don’t think it was specifically due to 97.7, I think the issue was more that it was to be high power and any such frequency from the Western Suburbs would have interfered with TV.


Could this above change mean that WS & Gold will share their music log like what has happened with Smooth, Nova & Triple M?

Also, Bryan Madigan will become WS’s new Music Director, while Jonesy & Amanda’s EP, Laura Bouchet, will become Assistant Content Director for WS.

With Jason Staveley moving to Melbourne, Zoe Sheridan will take over his drive slot on WS until a permanent replacement can be found.


I certainly hope not. WSFM’S playlist is SO repetitive, Gold’s playlist is also slightly repetitive but a lot more broad.


I always believed for so many years that Gold 104.3 has a better playlist than WS, to the point that I was quite envious of Melbourne having better radio stations than Sydney.

It’s little wonder why Smooth (and to some extent, Triple M) has a wider playlist than WS, whilst it’s the opposite when up against Gold.


Over summer does Cruise go local afternoons M-F?


WS is pretty good on Saturday nights though.

I wish their regular playlist was more like that.


Funnily enough growing up in Victoria, I always enjoyed the change that WSFM was from the Gold 104 playlist which, despite some tweaks still flogs most of the same old tracks it did 20 years ago. Mind you, I never listened to WS long enough to get sick of it, they just had a slightly different range of songs that made it a bit more interesting


What announcer is on air at that time?


Well normally it’s Craig Huggins out of Gold.