Pure Gold Network

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Discuss matters relating to the following ARN-owned stations.

WSFM 101.7 Sydney
Gold 104.3 Melbourne
4KQ 693AM Brisbane
Cruise 1323AM Adelaide

Pure Gold 80s/90s on Digital Radio

Old thread: http://www.mediaspy.org/forum/index.php?/topic/19816-pure-gold-network/page-27?


Heard a 4KQ positioner “Still live and local” plus something about “proud to be part of Brisbane”. Obviously in response to 4BH’s networking from Melbourne.


Magic 882 - The Songs Melbourne Loves.


Would Brisbane have tolerated the networking if it had been from Sydney, a fellow NRL town?


It wouldn’t matter - Brisbane are a totally different radio market to Melbourne or Sydney. By all reports before networking started, Magic 882 was finding a relatively modern format that was filling a hole in the market - one that Smooth fills in Melbourne/Sydney.

Same reason KQ and Cruise need to be different from Gold/WS - they serve different markets.

If Macquarie want to cut costs, they should just network 2CH and Magic 1278 and leave 882 independent.


I believe Chris Holland is leaving SEA Cairns to take on the MD role at Gold 104.3


Positioners for 4KQ now including “programmed in Brisbane for Brisbane”.


Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire

This song is now on the WS playlist!
(Just playing now).

Thought it was still a bit new-ish for “Pure Gold” status, though was always going make it there one day.


Considering that “So What” by Pink (which is of a similar vintage) is on the WSFM playlist, this doesn’t surprise me…


I gotta say, since moving to Sydney, WSFM has become my go-to FM station. A good mix.


I think it’s safe to say that the only real ‘classic hits’ stations you’ll find in Australia are on the AM band in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra & several regional markets. Even the SCA’s “Classic Hits” stations (a couple of which are on FM, such as 2MC Mid North Coast & Mix FM Fraser Coast) are more true to its format than WS & Gold are these days.


You’re right… I was thinking Sex on Fire was about 2010 or so, but is 2008, same year as Pink’s song, which I have heard on WS before too.

Didn’t know you had moved from Young to Sydney, ECC.


It’s interesting that these days, WS would play songs that went #1 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 in years gone by, in which “Sex On Fire” got to that position back in 2008. “My Happiness” by Powderfinger, which went #1 in 2000, has also been played on WS, as well as “Wish You Well” by Bernard Fanning in 2005. I think I might have heard Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” on there too (I was down in Eden when I heard it back in October when tropo was occurring), which topped the list in 2003.

What’s the bet that WS would play “Hoops” by The Reubens in about a few years time? :wink:


Yes, WS have played that Jet song.

Agree re Hoops, Vance Joy is another one that will be on WS before we know it.


Well, maybe in 2025. :wink:


In the 80s I know that the classic hits station like 2uw and hits and memories 2ws use to play top 40. But it was different back then. I98 fm when it was a classic hits format would play a couple of modern tracks in the early 90s. It did work though.

In the 90s 2uw did become an older mix . 2ws were similar in the 90s around conversion to fm time I dont think it played modern hits.

Through the 90s 2ws use to play “smooths hits” and upbeat songs too. Today its 2ch and smooth or your triple m and 2ws. Nothing playing both genres. May have been due to mix 106.5 being the love song stations so 2ws needed to change when they became one company.


LOL… you stay in Sydney for 3 months and you won’t say that… same 200 songs on rotation day after day after day after zonk.


I rotate between NewsRadio, WS-FM and my iPod’s FM frequency (lovingly called BDFM - All Shits, No Memories). :stuck_out_tongue:


According to their website, Gold 104.3 will be doing their Workplace 500 countdown, commencing on Monday 22nd February.

With the Melbourne 1000 countdown held in September last year, it’s amazing that Gold has done more countdowns than WS, which the latter hasn’t done any for nearly a decade AFAIK.


WS used to have a 1000 song countdown at Easter…
I don’t think they’ve done that the last few years though.
I would like to see them bring that back.