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Barry and Drew draw ‘inspiration’ from each other? River has recently run a similar feature over a weekend. They theme all of their weekends.

Both are a great improvement on the 80/90’s alternating weekends that 4MMM used to do before the infestation of sport and other babble began filling the 6am - 6pm schedule.

To Melbourne: another week has finished on Christian’s show. What has been going on this week?


List of song:


Same week was run last year.


Today’s The Australian has a feature interview with Christian O’Connell, and it mentions that Seven’s Hamish McLachlan has joined the breakfast show. Wasn’t Hamish calling AFL matches for Triple M occasionally?


He’s just been a call in guest on a recurring segment - wouldn’t say he was a part of the show.


Was he on SEN at some stage?


What is the name of 4KQ’s breakfast producers?


Is this an example of his radio show?

His two daughters were laughing as they walked out, they must have realised how lame that all was.


I think they just have the one: LJ. https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisajanestockwell/


Thanks, I did wonder if it was LJ who skilled up in program production back in the local days of 4BC.

KQ bfast is a bargain on talent cost yet returns so much if sales are pushing the station right.


I’m one of those people who say that Greg Burns isn’t really working in Melbourne/ Sydney but I think it must just be the format of Nova because I’m really enjoying the Christian O’Connell show on Gold. He’s very good and I think he works because of the “older” style of music format. Maybe Greg would work better on Smooth?


I’d suggest it’s partially to do with the fact that Christian has a whole show to fill and be entertaining in, whilst Greg Burns does 10 second speed breaks once or twice an hour.

There’s a big difference between being able to breathe, delivering entire stories, talking about interesting relatable things, and developing ideas over the course of a show, or a number of shows over a week compared to saying ‘another great one from Adele, Ariana Grande on the way, but right now it’s Justin Bieber on Nova’ every 25 minutes.


That’s why he’d work better doing one market with live breaks and talking to listeners.


I finally had enough time to listen to Christian’s podast and i’m actually quite impressed. i found it to be entertaining and funny, and i particully liked the interactoin between jack and christian.

it kinda feels like the absolute radio show with a new crew and new topics.


ARN There are many Ex Gold listeners that have changed to MacQuarie Sports Radio 1278AM due may i add to my comments on Gold 104.3’s Facebook Page.
I have also been promoting MacQuarie Sports Radio 954AM on WSFM’'S Facebook page


I doubt that - the 2 stations have completely different formats…


Why? Because they suddenly realised they didn’t want to hear music on the radio after all? Very doubtful



As it’s already been pointed out, most listeners of WSFM (or Gold) are there for the music and minimal sports talk unlike a certain other FM station. :wink:


many Gold listeners are angry at the moment with the way Gold id going at the moment this is why they have defected tio MacQyarue s;ports Radio 1278 … let us wait and see when the nexst radio ratings \come out and we will see how \Gold gies then and we will read if those Gold Listeners whi gine there oe ti any other crappy FM Radio Station


Jo Stanley forner Gold Breakfast Co-host may well sign with MacQuarie Sports Radio ti be a Female Voice of our Cricket Commentary Team watch this space ARN


You do realise Fairfax / Macquarie have been covering cricket for the last few seasons don’t you? It’s not like they’ll need to set up a team, from scratch.

Interested to know why you think Stanley would be a good addition? I’m not familiar with her sports broadcasting experience.