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There’s no way. I doubt Gold listeners migrated to Sports radio because they didn’t like the changes.


THere is speculation that Jonesy & Amanda will be sacked by WSFM like Grubby & Dee Dee sacked at Gold inh 2011. History will be repeating when will ARN ever learn?




The Previous few years MacQuarie Sports Radio was not around 2UE was New & Talk, as well as being Talking lLfestyle 3AW & 4BC also did Cricket part of MacQquarie Media/fairfax Media this time around MacQuarie Sports Radio is here macquarie Medua/fairfax media still have the cricket CrocMedia is debuting asa cricket Broadcast this time around also TripleM was a partner of Cricket Australia 2 of the last three years but they chose not to renew their contract to broadcast Cricket on the Radio with Cricket Australia


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JBar all I can say to you is wait and see when then next Radio ratings come out when not if those Gold listeners are listening to MacQuare Sports Radio and you will eat humble pie my friend

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There are so many other choices. I doubt Gold listeners would all switch to a sports station. Make sure you come back and tell me if that’s true.


JBar Many Gold Listeners already have Changed their Radio’s to MacQuarie Sport Radio 1278AM and more will. I tell you look at the next Ratings when they cme out and you will see if you are Right or I am right the person who is qwribng needs ti reply an say the other person is riight


Like all those listeners that followed Gerard Whateley to SEN


I wouldn’t be overly surprised if ARN seriously considered a change in presenters for WSFM breakfast (rather than opting for the music director/workday announcer change) around 12 months ago when Smooth 95.3 were having their run as Sydney’s #1 FM station.

But if WSFM continues to rate well like it did in two out the three surveys we’ve had this year, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Jonesy & Amanda outrating Kyle & Jackie O at least once before 2018 is out.

Unless the ratings of WSFM breakfast become absolutely dire or J&A somehow decide to call it a day before their current contract expires in 2020, ARN management would be very smart to keep them on board (while working on a succession strategy for when the time comes) despite all the other major changes that have been happening on WSFM in recent years.


Yeah, I see a higher likelihood of Malcolm Turnbull dropping his dacks during Question Time than WSFM dumping Jonesy and Amanda.


Any Gold listeners unhappy with Gold would switch to Smooth.

If you’re after sport you’re listening to Triple M if not the AM options

There’s no music on MSR and there’s no sport on Gold. There’s no crossover. I wouldn’t put too much faith in what a couple people say on a Facebook


For some, there is no perspective beyond social media.


Question answered. Emphatically!


@Vidiot We understand, however you need to explain it clearer for @Jason_Andrew_Toppin.

So @Jason_Andrew_Toppin, the answer is, you were not right. ie. wrong.

Your Facebook campaign didn’t work, never trust social media. There is a position open with Steve The Potato (strong text companion for sure) to join him on a Facebook campaign to bring ‘7 News’ to the Tasmanian Southern Cross TV news, Steve would love your assistance.


That’s so true and very sad. People need to realise the people who post on social media are usually a tiny subset of all people, and they are even more unrepresentative than that number suggests because they usually have an axe to grind.


These are words to live by - never trust social media - especially in a commercial context. I’m always telling the fools I work with that. They put so much emphasis on the likes of Facebook for marketing and customer service. One day they’ll get it :slight_smile:


You Would’nt want to Hear Crooners like Perry Como and Frank Sintara on 4KQ or Cruise 1323 anyway because they’ve Outgrown Commercial Radio Playlists.


Or the playlist has outlived them.


Cruise played New York New York on Saturday.


That’s during their “Jukebox Saturday Night” program that they have on Saturday nights, the type of programming that is missing on Sydney & Melbourne commercial radio stations.