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Live and local all day is excellent.


One thing I’d add from the second day listening to the show - turn the newsreader’s microphone off once the bulletin is over.

Her interjections and comments just haven’t suited the tone of the show at all. The most annoying one today was screaming over Jack talking about the little penguins on Phillip Island to insist on them being called fairy penguins.


About time the added another day time announcer. Gavin has been doing 13:00 to 18:00 all year. Now add a night announcer or network pure gold request show and it would be worth a listen. Still think they should try and add a few new songs to there playlist to give it some variety.


A live shift? Far removed from the sparse staff in Australia. Nothing to lead into his show. A quick look at Google traffic for 5am weekdays shows traffic building. This means a sizeable audience slice are awake at 4am and turn on (or more likely not) to automated music.

It’s most likely virtual live, he’s not necessarily in the studio the full five hours.

Yes. KQ suffers from the lack of a live night show.


Agreed. Same for Huggy who also does 1-4pm on Cruise.


Christian’s current team is:

Sidekick/Producer: Jack Post
Executive Producer: Nick Daly
Producer/Phones: Rebecca Lewis
Newsreader: Patrina Jones
Audio Producer: Brian?
Video Producer: Tom


Brian Madigan maybe?


Apologies if this is a dumb question, but why does Christian need a video producer when it’s a radio show?


Social Media content?


Yep. Most music breakfast shows in metro markets have them now or something similar.


Meanwhile, on WSFM in Sydney:

ARN has announced its new marketing campaign for 101.7 WSFM featuring Breakfast duo Jonesy & Amanda.

The cross-platform campaign kicks off with the launch of a TVC featuring the energetic radio hosts jumping on a trampoline, with a few aerial close calls during filming.

Read more at: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/new-wsfm-marketing-campaign-jonesy-and-amanda


Ah yes. I suspect so. It looks like he’s only filling in for that role - Gold are currently advertising for a full time Audio Producer for the show.

Someone has to make the videos that get posted to Facebook. As @OnAir said, most metro stations have one now. He probably does some other social media stuff aswell.


Typical ARN. Already using smut to try and build ratings. Heard a “best of” run accross the weekend from the Christian OConnell breakfasts show on GOLD. Something about dog hair on a girls nipple. So in appropriate when you have kids in the car. ARN did this with KIIS when they had the Thinkergirls. I’m always up for a laugh but sounds cheap when they do it on radio. Hate it


What time was the O’Connell best of? Thinker girls I didn’t like much, but hey - they were on at nights. How many children are listening to the radio at 9pm?

Also, I’ll be honest, I don’t know what’s inappropriate about nipples. Are we living in the 40s?


What’s inappropriate about nipples in 2018?

Have you heard of the “Me Too” movement? I don’t think men should talk about women’s tits in public. Let alone in combination with dog hair. Kill me now.


Duncan loves dirt. He’s 20+ yrs out of date.

@nickatnights, it depends on the context and the level of respect shown. Free the nipple crowd would be in support of it if respectful, #metoo extremists would want to be wrapped in cotton wool. There is a happy medium but neutral does not advance a message in this tabloid media world.


I have to admit that the combination of norks with dog hair does show a certain amount of talent.

An Australian could never have combined those two pieces of protein in a skit.

Hair is protein- isn’t it?


It was a female caller, who works as a dog groomer, talking about how she gets the dog hair caught in her nipples. I forget what the topic was, but it was in context and reasonably tasteful.


You know, as far as modern radio station commercials go this one actually isn’t too bad!

It won’t win awards for originality, but I do like how the station has incorporated their recently launched station jingle (which reminds me a little of the “We Love This City” package WSFM and other stations used many years ago) rather than just a random song from the playlist like what they used for the “Pure Gold” ads where Jonesy & Amanda played around with gold-coloured paint.


Almost number one weekend on 4KQ - songs that just missed being number ones.